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  1. all4greed

    Question on Bovada

    Fees I get charged a International Transaction Fee, and that's how it's stated on my credit card. Usually around $1.50 on a $200 or so deposit.
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  3. all4greed

    Liberty Slots - Recent Experiences?

    Liberty Slots I had a email from them a couple weeks ago wondering why I hadn't played in quite a while (last time was December). I told them I didn't like a couple things such as their high WU fees, not having 1 free withdrawal a month, change in bonus terms, etc. Received a detailed reply...
  4. all4greed

    Inetbet - account has been closed.

    Not sure if you are being sarcastic, but sadly players have no way of contacting INB except through an email system that randomly decides what email comes in.
  5. all4greed

    Resolved iNetBet withdrawal delay

    Inetbet hasn't communicated well with players for years regarding many issues. I've never understood why they pick and choose with whom they correspond with, very strange.:what: I got a email back in March from Inetbet for a birthday bonus that stated if I could provide a legitimate reason...
  6. all4greed

    Winner Screenshots!

    Nice surprise I don't play much anymore and haven't loaded a win in a looooong time. This came out of nowhere. Still have never had a royal dealt on the first round.
  7. all4greed

    I Remember When (Old Skool Veteran) Thread

    - I remember the forum Fat Bonus, long before Tim made Fat Wallet. Seems like a nice guy BTW. - Being scared I wouldn't make playthrough on 3x! - So many new casinos opening, getting mobbed with bonus hunters, and closing in a matter of weeks. - Being threatened by a casino manager...
  8. all4greed

    Random Jackpots @ RTG!!

    The best random jackpot story I read was the lady that hit 4 or 5 of them at INetBet 4/5 days in a row. She won around 37k I believe and got paid really fast. It was a couple years ago. Think they were all different games. I've hit one, think it was greenlight at All Stars or something...
  9. all4greed

    Announcement from the GRA concerning Hilo and ReelDeal games

    Obviously not acceptable, not sure what else to say that hasn't been said. Unfortunately, I won't sign the petition as nobody out in the casino world outside of the casino is going to get my info, if I can help it. I don't like threats and certainly don't need drama. Sorry.
  10. all4greed

    Inetbet Will You Please Get Live Chat DAMNIT!!!

    Did the exact same thing last year. They are great in payments, have nice bonuses, and the like. But I would rate their customer service an F. Seriously, it's such a joke with made up excuse after excuse about emails not received yet it's never addressed by the rep here or Emily. To me, that...
  11. all4greed

    Has anyone cut down or stopped gambling?

    Cutting away I'll chime in. Jan - 2 deposits Dec - 5 deposits Nov - 8 deposits Oct - none Sept - none Those were at LS casino. I considered 3Dice, but seems like they are always having deposit issues and I'm not setting up any new EWallet accounts, hopefully ever. I've just...
  12. all4greed

    Announcement It's finally here - Casinomeister Rating System

    That's a major consideration for me. I ditched a well known RTG casino because of poor support.
  13. all4greed

    Question How important is telephone support to players?

    Live chat and email is good enough for me. I've only called a couple casinos and it was years ago for payment problems. I remember a payout problem with Windows Casino and I called them everyday after I knew my emails were being ignored. I called and said I would hold until a supervisor...
  14. all4greed

    Question Video poker - how do you wager?

    I like 3 or 4 hand hand joker poker, deuces wild, and aces and faces at quarter denomination (5 coins of course). Can't stand single hand vp, it's so boring. Hit a 8k royal years ago while I was at work. Sad thing was I couldn't tell anyone there but I made a few calls to friends.;)
  15. all4greed

    Goodbye INetBet

    What part of close my account didn't they understand?:what: I uninstalled INB back in May, no desire to return to see if I can even log in. ------------------ Money in your Account Sent By: "James- iNetBet" <> On: Aug 08/17/12 7:26 AM To: Reply...
  16. all4greed


    Add me to the list. I only play at one place now (LS) and bet .20-.60 and .25/50. When I was playing at INB it was the same bet amounts. I'm too cheap to ever be a member of the $1 plus club.;)
  17. all4greed

    Taking on a crazy bonus just for the playtime....

    At Vegas Regal, quite a while back, I survived a couple of those huge bonuses with 65-75 turnover. Spy game is the way to go. One time I worked a starting balance of $1,100 to $24,000 or so. Yep, it kind of sucked that it had a max cashout but their T&C's were crystal clear so there was...
  18. all4greed

    Stupid infomercials

    Those 2 are pretty bad. Love how the golf club comes with a towel to make peeing more discrete.:D
  19. all4greed

    A Pet Peeve of mine/ Reality Shows

    HGTVW, home improvement, has a ton of reality shows. Buying/selling homes, interior/outside design, etc.
  20. all4greed


    Do you read his books? If yes, do you think the movies live up to the books or are the movies good enough as presented? The only good translation I've seen is Christine. Some of the other movies like The Stand or IT lose a lot because the viewer doesn't get the "inside the mind" effect that...
  21. all4greed

    What is wrong with some people>

    That happened before, maybe a couple months ago. Think the kid was about 2 though.