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    archive--problems/successes--december 1999

    A foxy babe at casinomeister grab her lads quick before she makes for the door hey coincidence or what Bryan reappears then Sharon told you they were both at it in Bryans chalet wey hey nudge nudge wink wink say no more Sharon re Microgaming sites hang fire on pulling them babes its obviously...
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    archive--problems/successes--October 1999

    Thank you. I'll check on their votes from now (past votes are not retained). Graeme Levin Graeme Levin <, <, Hi, <, I am amazed that firstlive casino is constantly listed in your top sites poll, surely this is due to vote rigging of yourpoll by...
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    Casinos right/wrong archive--September 1999

    african fairplay casino I thought I would give them a try bought in played isn't microgamming blackjack excellent you get real odds no stupid hands popping up all the time if you are a blackjack player let us know your views Im sure you will agree with me anyhow cashed in my...