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  1. silcnlayc

    Question Slotpower

    I received an email reminding me I still had $50 some odd dollars left in my account. I haven't played at Slotpower for a long time. I decided to play and got a decent cash out out. Question. Has anyone played there recently? It is Rival platform. I checked the bonus section and these...
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  3. silcnlayc

    Software Complaint Server Error in '/slotastic/Cashier' Application. (jackpot Capital)

    I continue to receive this at Jackpot Capital and sister sites since the introduction of the new game Enchanted Garden !!. I have reported it to both casinos for over a week now and they say it is on my side. I can play it online but the downloaded version continues giving this error in...
  4. silcnlayc


    Well people, I learned a hard lesson this weekend. I took the no max cash out bonus and played for hours. Sad to say, my withdrawal was cancelled due to 12 spins over $5 (was $6.00 spins) I did not realize the coin size defaulted in my window on the $2 coin x 3 makes it a $6 bet, instead...
  5. silcnlayc

    Raging Bull RTG

    Anyone have any experience with this casino? I have played there and won on my first deposit and was paid in less than 5 days. Impressive!. I just played again and made another withdrawal. Hopefully it goes just as well as the first one. I can't find anything about them in the searches. .
  6. silcnlayc

    Club world group, you disappoint me evenmore than Jackpot Capital!

    After being a depositing member for years with Jackpot Capital, I was cut off from any decent bonuses due their VIP changes to my change in VIP status. I moved on and decided to make Club world my group to play at only to find that once again, the best bonus they are offering me is 35%...
  7. silcnlayc

    Lucky Club Casino

    I have always been able to claim the monthly bonus at all Jackpot Capital's casinos until now. I just learned I was reclassified and no longer able to claim this bonus. YEARS I have played there....I guess I can make Buzzluck my main casino for these slots. I am reclassifying Jackpot Capital...
  8. silcnlayc

    The Game "LOST" at Bovada, Slots.LV, Drake and Gossip Slots

    Has anyone hit the bonus round on this game ever? I have played this game in the thousands of dollars for over a year and still have not hit the bonus round on this game...I have reported this to all 4 casinos that offer this game and they would say they will "check" into it. Nothing after...
  9. silcnlayc

    Question Totally confused

    I played the Naughty Nice Spring Break and Vulcan for a very long time since they first launched it. I am totally confused as to what the Guarantee feature spin is. At first offering, a wheel of chance popped up with however many spins you played percentage wise, for a chance at the...
  10. silcnlayc

    Casino Complaint Grande Vegas Rippoff

    Grande Vegas had a bonus special and I decided to take it. It was a 100% for a $75 deposit. I claimed it and only received 50%. I found out that there was a bonus in my account already claimed for 50%. (Casinos should really have these unused claimed bonuses expire in the system after 24...
  11. silcnlayc

    Jackpot Capital video complaint

    For the past week I have had issues with the video portion of this whole GROUP. Either the screen would be smaller than the window which left a big white spot on the side, or you couldn't get the new games to work right, the slot CRAWLED on the screen (ALL of them) and now, I can't get JC...
  12. silcnlayc

    RJ Counter Dead for 3 hours! Is this a fair game???

    I played tonight for over three hours and stayed in the same game. I watched the random jackpot counter (2 jackpots in this game)and it did not move 1 penny. Either of the randoms. I contacted the casino dueing play (after 2 hours) and asked them why the counter was not working. They...
  13. silcnlayc

    Jackpot Capital and sister casinos depositing issues

    I was wondering if anyoine else has had depositing issues with any of jackpot capitals sister casinos? I have tried using different cards at different times at different casinos for 2 weeks now and have not been able to deposit except once at jackpot capital.... I reported it to the casinos...
  14. silcnlayc

    Anyone for Spades?

    Hi everyone. I enjoy spades a lot and I used to belong to an online spades group that played for money. It has been a good few years but they have closed the doors and I have lost my spades partner. I love cut throat spades also. I have been a member of another spades online service and...
  15. silcnlayc

    Liberty Slots Check withdrawals vs Accredited Casinos time frame

    This is not a bash or slamming. I am just curious as to anyone else's thoughts on the withdrawal process of a casino marked not recommended vs the accredited casinos slow payments . The first time I withdrew from Liberty Slots, (I saw the good raves at first blush on this casino right here by...
  16. silcnlayc

    Main Street group

    Now I remember why I haven't played at this group in a long while. Memories slip, but this sure made mine return....amazing it took 17 minutes and counting for a response....uninstalled before I even started.....had an invite but decided not to accept after this memory jarring last...
  17. silcnlayc

    What name goes with what?

    There are 2 dogs and a boy.... Lets see if you can get it right. 1. Rex 2. Kieser 3. Bear 1. German Shephard Dog 2. Chow Mix Dog 3. Boy What name goes with what? I will post the answer after 5 days. ( I do not know how to do a poll and cannot find the directions so I have to do this...
  18. silcnlayc

    Antigua considers new case against USA at World Trade Organization

    Antigua considers new case against USA at World Trade Organization Steven Stradbrooke April 9, 2012 1 Comment and 8 Reactions Many in the gambling industry thought they’d received an early Christmas gift following December’s surprise announcement by the US Department of Justice that the Wire...
  19. silcnlayc

    Spammer! Please Help!

    I am getting spammed about 3 times a day in German. I cannot read or understand German. Hungarian only. So I do not know which button to hit to tell them to stop. Can anyone help me please? Here are the properties to the header: https://webmail.*snip* From: Global-Affiliates...
  20. silcnlayc

    Casino Titan ?

    I looked on the lists for the casinos and I cannot find them on any of the in not recommended, rogue, etc as far as Casinomeister says...any info would be appreciated. Thank you! .
  21. silcnlayc

    VIP status vs Withdrawal allowed

    Ok, I might have been a little dense but I have never heard of being denied a full allowable withdrawal by T&C's max limit that was reduced down to the lowest level they say you are allowed on the VIP scale. To be a depositing member for years one would think they are a VIP of top notch, no...