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  1. brianleeporter

    Inter casino & Vera & John

    Hello just a quick few questions regarding self exclusion with one of the sites. Right I will try and make this easy as possible. I am self excluded from Vera & John but I have been depositing and also withdrawing from inter casino. I am fully verified with Same details I have always used...
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  3. brianleeporter

    PKR withdrawal hassles

    Hey gang. Anyone had any withdrawals or anything with these? Here's the story. Used them a few times never had a withdrawal. Got a free £10 chip. Played wagered check all t&c's everything fine. Requested a withdrawal on Monday. Took 3 days for them to ask for usual documents. Sent...
  4. brianleeporter

    Bell fruit casino

    Hello everyone. Just a few questions on bell fruit casino. Anyone used this site? Joined up recently and won some cash just wondering if anyone has made withdrawals etc. Couldn't find too much info online about it. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. brianleeporter

    Confused With Casumo Pound-euro

    Hello everyone just a few thoughts and if anyone can help me. Deposited £100 casumo wednseday played a little and won £170 withdrew it. But only recieved £121.35??? spoke to CS and he mentioned about it only being playing in euro was confused and didn't realise this. He said it may be...
  6. brianleeporter

    Hello again everyone! Anyone been played or a player on Joined up thursday and won some cash. Read a few reviews online but not seen too many good ones! Cheers in advance for the help!
  7. brianleeporter

    Max bet! Accidental Win!

    Not sure If am posting this in the right place by the way folks ok! Anyway Was playing some various slots the other night and decided to play chuzzle slot when it crashed Loaded it back up and was playing Not realising that the pervious bet had been reset an was playing £10 a spin! Hit a...
  8. brianleeporter

    Question Total Gold

    Anyone played on total gold casino online? See a recent add on facebook and joined deposited an won. Think it's a fairly new casino as i have not seen many reviews or anything like that. Ended up making a withdrawal just worried in case I don't get it haha! Just gotta wait an see. Just...
  9. brianleeporter

    Question about self exclusion:

    Hello everyone not suure if i'm posting this in the right place. I self excluded myself from a while back as the site was rather poo. I recently joined and won some money off them. I didn't realise that this is also owed by supercasino. Having a few...