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    N1Casino unfair terms?

    Okay, So I basically got up to 600 euros today, withdrew 400 and lost the other 200. I cant lock withdrawals there so I did what I do every time. I took a cooling period for one week so I dont cancel my WD and lose it. I just logged in and saw they returned money to my account ans canceled...
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    I need to end this

    Today is the day I have to decide to stop ruining my life. It's still not that bad financially, but I know this will progress and haunt me even more in the future if I continue gambling. I have no control of what I am doing. I started gambling since I was like 14, playing poker for money...
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    How to block all gambling sites

    Hi, I keepexcluding myself from sites but then I still decide to make accounts on new sites. Is there any way for me to block the ability to open new accounts and stop gambling? Something like GamStop, but I can't use that since I am from Croatia. Any advice? Thanks a lot in advance
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    Can you open Twin Casino site?

    Title. I was playing whole day but now it only opens the site partially, without any options to click on. Is their site down? Thanks for the replies in advance.
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    Good games to play on bet365

    Be365 Casino has some weird games offered and not many popular game providers. Has anyone played there? Any decent slots that i should try?
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    Croatian casino - Potential scam

    So basically I am playing at a certain Croatian online casino today. Lost 2 deposits quickly on European Roulette EGT. Made another deposit, lost it all. Last spin made my bet, ball dropped in 23 red. I redeposited,refreshed the game and it didn't show the spin with number 23 in history...
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    Bad overall experience with online casinos

    Hello there. I am relatively new to online casinos. Opened accounts on several of them, and had terrible experiences with their support and bank teams. I have literally sent 3 different types of all the documents they asked, every time they would ask for something new or that something is...
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    Betsson problem

    Hello, I made a deposit on Betsson this morning, played some slots and lost it on live roulette. Asked support if there was a possibility to block live casino, because I never win on that. Got an email that they cannot block just the live casino, they would have to block all the slots too...
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    Not getting the Trada love here

    Hi, This isn't a post to criticize anything deliberately, just to hear your opinion and experience with Trada casino. Made my first WD few weeks ago, it was on my bank account in like 5 hours. Made second WD on last Thursday, still nothing. It is a bit weird since the first one was so quick...
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    Pokerstars- Unfair treatment

    So, I'm a lowroller playing on Pokerstars Casino for the last few years. I've had one cashout of 500$ in those 3 or 4 years, and maybe 4 or 5 cashouts not bigger than 100$. I've deposited more than 200 times, while the average deposit was atleast 35$. So I'm down atleast 6 or 7k there. It might...
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    Losing control

    It all started with few small casino adventures,which all ended really good ( i wish i lost every single penny those few first times). Gradually it became an obsession.Money has no value for me now. I'm a student and I can't think of anything else but gambling.I became anti-social,quit all my...