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    ID idea

    Just an idea i've got. If this wouldn't be to much work for Bryan or Max. We can send in our ID to CM knowing it can be trusted with Bryan or Max. When it is approved we get a CM member number or a tick next to our user ID or something. Then if we sign up to a new accredited casino and we...
  2. Are you looking for Trada Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Trada Review
  3. K

    Email scam (all jackpots casino)

    This is the email I received. Hello, I want to make sure you remember your withdrawal. This is the last notice of your 4,000 Dollars. Contact us and collect via this link I click on the link and it leads me to all jackpots casino were live chat tries to talk me into opening an...
  4. K and no can do list

    Hi guys I can't find the no can do list but in the past I'm sure that 888 were on it. Now I have just looked at the Pending Accredited Casinos list and see that 888 is on that. Does that now mean that Max and the casinomeister can help with PAB's with 888?
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    Intercasinos misleading welcome bonus

    I was just looking at the Intercasino sign up bonus for cards and slots welcome bonus. It states on the promotions page 100% welcome bonus. After reading the T&C its impossible to get a 100% welcome bonus. When you deposit $100, you get $25 instant. The other $75 you get as a way of cash...
  6. K

    Will Hill and Neteller

    I have just tried to make a deposit at will hill with neteller. Then said they cant connect to neteller. Anyone else having this problem?
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    B3W software

    I have been thinking about playing some of these casino as they have a nice sign up bonus. I did a little research and found that back in Oct of 2006, wizzard of odds found the VP not to be random. Has anyone done a test on BJ. If you have played what have been your results for BJ.
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    Thank you Playtech

    Thank you bet365 & Goldenpalace. It was nice to play at a casino with real random cards unlike the (*cough cough "bad luck") cryptos (intercasino, littlewoods).
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    Littlewoods casino

    Im having a nighmare month there this month, im down over 200 units in less than 2400 hands. Every 3rd hand seems like a 21 for the dealer and the double downs seem like 1 picture for every 10 doubles. What is everyone elses results lke this month? Also im keeping some stats now so i'll let...
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    dealing seconds?

    Hi Bryan At the moment I suspect a casino of cheating. I think that this casino is dealing seconds on double downs. I have now made a chart and keeping track of every double down. The chart is king, queen, jack, all the way down to 2. Can you tell me how many hands I would need for proof of...
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    Amazing WR at reefclub casino

    I was looking at reefclub casino & when i started read their T&C i found this :eek2: All New Members will receive a Welcome Bonus on their first Deposit to their Reef Club Casino Account. The Welcome Bonus is limited to one bonus per household and cannot be used in conjunction with any...
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    Live Casinos

    After reading pilot305's post last weekend about casino webcam i thought i mite try it out as well. I only used play money but really enjoyed it. I dont like the idea of only cashing out at weekends so i wanted to know if there are any other live casinos. I know that there is Dr.Ho but 2 years...