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    Deposit £50 Get $79, Withdraw £50 Costs $85

    888 poker use this. My Moneybookers account is in usd$ and my 888 poker account is in usd$ yet when i deposit they take usd$ out of my account transfer it in Aud$, then back into my 888 account usd$ so $200 deposit costs me $220 :( . Yet the usd$ and aud$ is almost at parity.
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    I dont understand how bonuses work

    Sorry buddy, you missed the boat. It,s a bit like those deals when you book a cruise. Pay $2000 and you get $100 on board credit. Your price pays for the deal. Deposit $50 and if you get real lucky after $6000 wagering, you can withdraw some money but most likely you will lose the lot...
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    ID idea

    Just an idea i've got. If this wouldn't be to much work for Bryan or Max. We can send in our ID to CM knowing it can be trusted with Bryan or Max. When it is approved we get a CM member number or a tick next to our user ID or something. Then if we sign up to a new accredited casino and we...
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    Casino asks for your photo holding your passport - will you be ok with that?

    It's things like this that make me only want to play at a B&M casino. I can understand for bonuses you mite ask for this but if I deposit with my own cash, play with no bonuses, I should be able to withdraw hassle free.
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    Casino wants to know my salary

    Sorry if this has already been answered but is any money locked in your account or have they already paid you the $6000? If they have already paid you, I would just move on.
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    Email scam (all jackpots casino)

    This is the email I received. Hello, I want to make sure you remember your withdrawal. This is the last notice of your 4,000 Dollars. Contact us and collect via this link I click on the link and it leads me to all jackpots casino were live chat tries to talk me into opening an...
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    English Harbour closed and doesn't pay my $12K account

    I'm with you nifty I remember reading not long ago about a member of this forum complaining about there neteller account being hacked. IMO, most likley made a deposit to a casino and lost the lot being a gambling addict and then tried to blame a hacker so they could fraud their money back...
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    Betsson seized my deposit (1100 euro)

    I must admit i'm guilty of something similar. I once made a $800 deposit to Full tilt poker via moneybookers so i could withdraw via neteller. I wanted my money in neteller because I have a neteller card and would be able to withdraw from a ATM machine instantly. After giving a little...
  10. K and no can do list

    Thats great to know, as an Australian I'm not allowed to play 888 casino but I do like playing in their poker room. Great to have them back :thumbsup: Just as a side note, Australians are not allowed in the 888 casino but we are allowed in Ladbrokes casino, if Ladbrokes have brought 888...
  11. K and no can do list

    Hi guys I can't find the no can do list but in the past I'm sure that 888 were on it. Now I have just looked at the Pending Accredited Casinos list and see that 888 is on that. Does that now mean that Max and the casinomeister can help with PAB's with 888?
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    Protect yourself. Demand pre-approval.

    So your saying they should request doc's ie drivers licence or passport while playing and then again your drivers licence or passport for a withdraw? how many times do you want players to send them? Don't you think once should be enough? If Neteller can verify doc's i'm sure it's the same...
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    Protect yourself. Demand pre-approval.

    One thing I have never understood is why do I have to send in ID when I deposit with Neteller. To join neteller you have to send in a driver's licence or passport scan and phone, power or gas bill scan. The casino's know this, but just like to make it hard to get our winnings out. :mad:
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    Can we talk about Intercasino?

    For a $100 bonus with their game weightings, BJ is a 480X bonus = 48,000 Wagering :eek2:
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    Resolved clubworldcasino processing cost $1311

    Sorry i'm still just a little confused. Is this rule in place for players that are only playing with bonuses or is this % of bankroll per bet also for players that are playing with their own money and no bonus?
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    Intercasinos misleading welcome bonus

    I was just looking at the Intercasino sign up bonus for cards and slots welcome bonus. It states on the promotions page 100% welcome bonus. After reading the T&C its impossible to get a 100% welcome bonus. When you deposit $100, you get $25 instant. The other $75 you get as a way of cash...
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    Will Hill and Neteller

    I have just tried to make a deposit at will hill with neteller. Then said they cant connect to neteller. Anyone else having this problem?
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    B3W software

    Thanks aka23. I have been to your site many times as i always play with a bonus :D. I guess you mite call it greed but the bonuses did look good and i hoping i could play them. I did check the rogue section here and none of the casinos from B3W are in there but i wanted to make sure before i...
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    B3W software

    I have been thinking about playing some of these casino as they have a nice sign up bonus. I did a little research and found that back in Oct of 2006, wizzard of odds found the VP not to be random. Has anyone done a test on BJ. If you have played what have been your results for BJ.
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    Intercasino/ECash/Neteller Withdrawal Nightmare

    If thats the case get your neteller account changed to GBP and withdraw in that.
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    Intercasino/ECash/Neteller Withdrawal Nightmare

    Hi Mongol, i also to am from Mebourne. I now have a neteller card but before i got the card i used to withdraw by cheque. Cheques from ecash take about 2 weeks to arrive & cheques from neteller take about 1 week. Put the money back into neteller and withdraw by cheque. ANZ takes 3 weeks to clear...