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    USA players?

    Hi, It's been a while since I visited. I am wondering how many players from the USA still come to CM & how often. I just checked out the "America The Beautiful" section and not really a lot to view. I don't know if it is the new updated version or just me but it seems to take forever to load...
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    North Korea?

    Hi, With N. Korea supposedly closing all nuclear sites & suspending rocket testing, I couldn't help but think of my post in the ""President Trump"" thread. Copy & paste because I see now way to put a link.:: #3 of my former post: 3) What's up with N. Koreas' "Fearless Leader" all the...
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    Most Spins w/ No feature

    I don't know what the record is and this may not even be close but, DAMN..... took forever to get the feature! Game ::Happy Valley :: the number on the right.
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    Any Progress.....

    On the "keep logged in" button working? And the ability to "collapse" sections that don't interest a person. I hate to scroll!! ;)
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    Haunted Christmas Toy?

    David has this Christmas "Novelty", I guess is what it is. It looks like a TV but has a Christmas scene in the screen. It plays two tunes, I think. Anyway, it is still out on the table. The last few nights, I have been hearing this "beep ,beep, beep" every so often. I'm thinking it's the smoke...
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    Nice touch, Bryan! Happy Halloween!
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    Answer me this....

    This is new.... I usually put my computer (desktop) in "sleep" mode at night. The last few nights, it has been "waking up" right after I do this. I say sleep..... it says no..... I went into "control-alt-delete" to see if maybe a program was running in the background and found...
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    Intertops Poker Problem & Rep?

    Hi all. I am having a problem with the Intertops DL version of their poker site. Seems to be a new problem with maybe an update? This morning as every morning, I opened the software for my usual poker tournament. My anti-virus software has all the sudden decided it is not safe and...
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    Now an Ueber Meister

    Ha ha, just noticed I am now an "Ueber Meister"!! Look at me go! I will try to live up to the "Ueber Meister" standard... (whatever that may be!)
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    Need someone who knows about....

    TrendMicro security software. Since last night, all the sudden I am getting a lot of updates. Seems to be non-stop We have the or a premium version and have never had any problems. This repeated update crap has thrown me and am concerned if it is normal. Perhaps a big one? I don't...
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    Windows 10 Update?

    Hi, So, I get this huge update last night on my computer. Now, it is running windows defender & our chosen virus software, Trendmicro. We really like our software. REALLY! So, I tried to disable the windows defender and it appears that I can't. Can both run at the same time...
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    Suggestion A Thread on How To Post?

    Hi, I have been a member here for a while now. I enjoy reading peoples comments but I have to say, I would enjoy the comments much more if members could construct their comments a bit better. I come across a non-stop comment, i.e. no breaks in sentences, no capitals, no...
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    January 1st Birthdays........

    I usually don't pay much attention to these but DAMN! Happy Birthday to ELEVEN CM members today!
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    Chumba Casino.. spam?

    or Identity theft? I just got an email thanking me for signing up at their casino..... I did no such thing! Anyone know if I have a problem or it is fishing?
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    Feedback Big Banner across the bottom?

    Hi, This morning I have a big banner , about 3/4 inches high across the bottom of my CM pages. It has the symbols for Facebook, Twitter, Print, Email and a + sign for more options. It is way to big and I really don't like it. Is this something new to CM and is there a way to get rid...
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    So,,,, This was new.......

    Hi, I have been running windows 10 with nearly no problems since it launched. Over night, I received an update. I thought, ok, that's cool. Well, I play a poker tournament every day at 10:30 am...... I went to open the poker software and *poof*, it has been removed! I thought...
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    Question Rockbet?? who are they and....

    how did they get my phone number?? I just received an email from them, which I did not read. Not 10 minutes later, my land line rings.... guys says, "Louise... blah blah blah" No clue who that is but it does not make me happy to get phone calls from casinos I play let alone ones I have...
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    Fort McMurray, Alberta Fire

    Just a note to our northern neighbors. Please be safe in light of the wild fire that is burning the entire city of 80,000. They have a mandatory evacuation and from what I read the whole city has been evacuated...
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    Question Intertops Classic slot "Butterflies"?

    Is it just me, or is this the absolute worse slot in the history of on-line casinos? Intertops has used it a few times for their daily freeroll. Every time, I have played it..... every time, it is just terrible. Does anyone play or win on this slot? I have never played it other...
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    Happy Birthday Secret2

    Happy Birthday Secret2!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!