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    Is ADR (eCOGRA) only for the UK citizens?

    I'm sure CM himself know, but maybe someone else can help too. Can non-UK citizens file complaints under ADR via eCOGRA? I can't find nothing against it in there rules, but I was told that they refuse based on citizenship.
  2. Are you looking for Trada Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Trada Review
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    What about news?

    CM, you had good news section with monthly archives easy to navigate. With new design I can't see any news except for several of the latest :(. Am I blind or you don't have any news archive now? Is it possible to find and read some previous month news?
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    Preliminary generation of the games outcomes

    We had a sort of argument at Russian forum about what European/US/etc. players think about preliminary generation of the games outcomes. So I hope to hear it first hand :). I mean usually we press "spin" or "deal" button and RNG generates the result immediately. But what if the same RNG will...
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    Any games with players edge left?

    I remember one-deck BJ at Boss Media with +0,13% EV. At Wizard of Odds I found "As far as I know, the only Boss Media casino to offer this game is the Two Sixes casino." Crypto had All American VP with 99,95% plus 0,1% comp points made it positive, but payout was reduced. I think RTG had some...
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    Need slots info

    I remember visiting a site with payout % tables for several popular slots from different software (link was found here at CM forum), can't find it now :(. Also I'm looking for nice slot review sites... I'm interested in info about slots from different casino soft, preferably with search...
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    Brandy, whats going on?

    Does anyone have info on Brandy? I've heard that they do not work for about 2 weeks (no connection to server). Support gives rare replies about technical problems, nothing on their own forums... Maybe they have problem with PlayTech or what?
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    Recent DDoS attack

    One of my sites suffered during recent DDoS attack. It was down for 4 days, after attack was over I've got an e-mail (bold was in e-mail): We provide the most robust and secure DDoS mitigation platform today. Companies and organizations that rely on us include: BETonSports...
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    EuroBet live dealers?

    I decieded to have a look at Coral/Eurobet live dealer games (roulette, BJ, baccarat). They have nice dealers, according to site pics ;). But when I press "Play" button I get a white screen in a new window and even no HTML code for it :(. I contacted support (upload latest browser, clean...
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    BWin - "omission" in bonus T&C?

    Decided to try their download casino (Boss Media soft). Deposited, got 50% bonus, started to play. Went down, lost most of the money, but then raise back. Decided to withdraw my deposit but in cashier I found that all my money are considered bonus money and I can't get a dime! Support told me...
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    Site news

    CM, can you make page with all monthly news too? Sometimes it's convenient to save everything and look through later. And I do not like to make extra clicks anyway :).
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    Best Texas Casino?

    Read about "Best Texas" in News, but this URL gives some affiliate portal, not casino :(. What is the right URL?
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    Boss Media poker-rooms?

    Does anybody have list of Boss Media poker-rooms? Their site lists casinos only :(.
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    Honesty/randomness verification at casinos

    As far as I see the main problem with online gambling is that casinos can manipulate results of any given game. There is an easy way to overcome it - casino should generate certain number of spins/card decs/dice rolls/etc, and send it to the player encripted in advance. After the game is over...
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    More best/worst casinos?

    Casinomeister, could you add some more casinos to your best (and probably worst lists)? I mean, post not just 32red but 5, 10 or 20 best online casinos, think it will help players around. Something like "runners up" at GOM.
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    Not a question ;)

    Looks like we should sing "Happy birthday to you!" today :). Happy birthday, CasinoMeister! Wish you to deserve Watchdog of the year for the next 10 years (at least) ;).
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    BoDog poker

    BoDog opened poker-room. I asked about their sort and got reply: "In regards of our poker software, the software is a in-house product which we developed." Can any poker specialist here tell if this true? Do they really use propriate soft? Is it good?
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    Play United, Orchid Casino, etc. supposed to manage several casinos, including Orchid and The Harbour Casino with RTG soft and GoldenLagoon, OnlineCasinoDeluxe, AtriumCasino, CasinoAqua which use "Vegas Red PlayTech software(?!?)". Does anybody know something about them? Are they just skins/white lables or...
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    Your 10 favorite online casinos?

    What are your favorite 10 online casinos (maybe with some comments why you love them or even a review)? You can see my list below with short notes why I like them. 1 William Hill I got my first royal flash here :) 2 Intercasino Two monthly bonuses (USD and Euro) Low wagering...
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    Casino payout - do you believe?

    Many online casinos publish their payout figures. What do you think, should players believe these figures? Some payouts are untested, other are "verified" by PWC, OPA, BMM, probably some other companies. Does these auditors mark add some credibility for you? I would say that after this article...