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    Spanish Luck Casino blames me for AST's problems

    I was playing a bonus off at, playing $10 blackjack. I get a hard 20 vs dealer J. I stand, dealer flips a 5 and proceeds to bust and take my money anyway. I do a double take, grab a screenshot, and go for another hand thinking that this would be an isolated...
  2. Are you looking for Trada Casino?

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  3. A - Evil Software

    I have a "what on earth" screenshot, but it's not the good kind. :( Yes, the dealer hit a hard 17 and drew a 4. It did that twice... the first time, I literally hit the ceiling, didn't get the screenshot before it cleared, and went back to it to try to get a shot of it. Sure enough, the...
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    Deposit hold time?

    Is it normal for a casino to not allow withdrawals for 10 days after a Neteller (balance) deposit? Aren't transactions between Neteller and the merchant settled a LOT faster than 10 days? I had to deposit at a new casino in order to be able to withdraw winnings on a free chip, and have to...
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    Connecto cashout woes

    I'm sure you guys have heard this a million times before, but... Long story short.... I cleared $45 off one of Connecto's holiday bonus free chips. I've submitted two cashout request emails, both with their security forums attached. It's now been two weeks since I sent the first email, and I...