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    Do you play more if payout is Fast?

    Actually this might have been a discussed about topic previously but I would like to know... Do you actually gamble more when you are able to get your payout faster? Like for example, do you deposit and then redeposit or etc if you know you can get the payout in lightning speed like in the...
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    Videoslot needs to explain discrepancy

    As some of you might have already known I was hoping to win some $800++ on Battle of Slots in Videoslots but I guess I was pushed from #2 to #5 which still paid quite decently. However after all said and done, the prize which was suppose to be paid out to me was € 351.60 ($ 381.56). But in...
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    Resolved Mistaken Thread

    My Mistake!!! Sincerest Apologies!!!
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    Resolved Extremely Frustrated at Casumo

    Hi guys, I've made 3 Deposits via MasterCard with Casumo a few days ago totalling EUR 200. Then I was so lucky to make it all up to around EUR 543. Mind you that I have NEVER taken any Bonus or anything else... After more than 24 hours of waiting (without a possibility of locking or flushing)...
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    Bitch and Moan 32Red Payment Getting Slower and Slower

    Frankly speaking, I hate ranting about a casino being slow or something when once upon a time ago they were one of the absolute best in the industry. However now, it seems that they are getting from Good to becoming border line... I know it's not a very long time to wait and all but this is...
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    Any Tourney/Promos not won by BIG Players?

    Hi guys, I was just going through quite a few threads and visiting casino sites around lately and I'm just wondering on something. - Are there any casinos out there who offer promos/tourneys that does not only cater for the RICH & HUGE Players? Meaning their opportunity for winnings are...
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    Bitch and Moan Slowest Payment

    This is going to be more a RANT than a complain so I guess it's just a warning to everyone out there. Basically I was playing at with their Free Money and finally managed to make it to a cashing out level. Finally I made my withdrawal which is around Wednesday Night (their time). As...
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    Casino Complaint Calls in the Middle of the night -

    This casino has gone crazy. I have never ever known who the hell they are, where they appear from or anything else but they are recently calling me constantly and I've told them not to call me but this is really the last straw... The time now is about 1:00am and I have just received a phone...
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    Resolved aodat2 VS Betsson

    Admin Note: this player had given the casino the wrong banking information - thus the problem. I don't know if it is just me or if everyone is having the same problem but I am now having a problem with Betsson. They are just extremely slow in their payments and checking process. I've asked...
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    Bonus Complaint 10Bet and their crazy Bonus WR

    I recently got a bonus from 10Bet for $10 (MYR 30.xx) for being their so called "Lucky Draw Winner". So I thought oh well... it's all good and stuff. Usually these type of bonuses has a playthrough attached to them. So I thought it was all good and dandy. I played and had some GREAT hits on...
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    Resolved aodat2 VS

    This is actually my experience with Mr.Green Casino(Accredited)... I actually registered an account with MrGreen quite a few days back and deposited to play. After that, I lost about EUR50,00. So a few days later, I decided to make another deposit of EUR150,00 and played on. I finally made...
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    Beware - Wagering Requirement at 1Casino

    Just wanted to give you guys a head's up on this. Well... I did start a thread complaining about not getting the bonus from 1Casino. In the end, they gave it to me. Now, I have another problem with them. It seems that even if you bust out and your balance is at 0.00 (losing everything)...
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    Wager Works Software

    Hi Guys, How many of you guys actually play with Wager Works software games? I was playing a few of their games and something just popped up in my mind. 1. Is their software really random? 2. Anybody knows their payout ratio? 3. Have anyone done any checks on Wager Works software...
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    1Casino Accredited?

    I am seriously wondering how could 1Casino even remotely be accredited? What did they do to even remotely be accepted for accreditation? Here's my problem with them... They advertise that they have a 100% Welcome Bonus on their website for those who 1st signup with them. Since it was...
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    Best Casino Exit (Closure)

    I've seen a lot of casinos come and go though the years and I'm very sure a lot of you guys who are reading this have seen it too. Most of the time, the casino will just directly go into liquidation, sometimes they will cheat you one last time before they close or etc. But what I'm really...
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    32red slots very tight

    I'm not 1 to make noise over losses as I have made some on other places as well. But... Today I played around 500 spins each on both LOTR and Moonshine. What I could say is that I only hit 1 FREE SPIN on LOTR. I've lost at least 300 more spins before today's 500. Total making it around...
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    Lucky Creek - Review

    When I saw you guys getting the $100 ND Money, I was kinda happy and thought it was actually given to everybody. So since I was an el-cheapo, I thought I might as well take the offer not knowing that it was for "Invited Guests Only" and well... I didn't get the money. I contacted their CS and...
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    BetonSoft Casinos

    Hi guys... this might be something easy for some of you guys but I'm just wondering if anyone knows where to find the website for BetOnSoft N.V. or have this company gone under? I'm sure they have not yet gone under coz as per everyone's comments and all, it is powering a few casinos like for...
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    eGaming License - Curacao

    I have a very interesting question which I am totally unsure about. I contacted Cyberluck(now known as Curacao eGaming) and was asking them about some casino which says that they are licensed in Curacao and etc. The funny thing I got from them is this very interesting piece of...
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    Wrong posting... sorry...

    Oops... sorry it was my mistake I guess. Apologies for the error