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  1. maxd

    Ntt261290 vs Casumo

    Adios cupcake.
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  3. maxd

    Ntt261290 vs Casumo

    You are relatively new here so I'll make this a Warning rather than a full ban: If you've spent any time on the site, or paid much attention to the way things work around here, you'd know full well that that what you are saying is a load of rubbish. Casinos get their ratings per the...
  4. maxd

    Ntt261290 vs Casumo

    And last but not least I've changed the title of this thread because I suspect the OP is simply using it to pressure the casino and given the circumstances that is not on. Original thread title was "CASUMO stopped reply me after verified my documents and not paying me my $6000".
  5. maxd

    Ntt261290 vs Casumo

    I should add that dealing with the OP was particularly frustrating because they refused to follow the PAB procedures. I had to remind them at least three if not four times to read the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures and they still ignored the bits they didn't like. IMO Casumo was --...
  6. maxd

    Ntt261290 vs Casumo

    TBH I have no idea. The discussions between them went on so long that I left them to it as I had other matters to attend to.
  7. maxd

    Ntt261290 vs Casumo

    The casino did not take five months to respond. It's fairer to say that over a period of five months they gave the OP multiple opportunities to satisfy their SOW requests and the OP has done everything but. If the OP is complaining that this took 5 months to come to a conclusion then they should...
  8. maxd

    Ntt261290 vs Casumo

    I think we were perfectly clear about your situation. You claim a family member is funding your casino play but cannot prove to the casino's satisfaction that that is legitimate. I told you flat out that your situation is very unusual and that the casino is perfectly justified IN THIS CASE to...
  9. maxd

    Casumo Source of Wealth issues

    I understand. FWIW no one is happy about this situation and it puts us in a real jam too. That said, being abusive and hateful is not the answer either. Hence my comment. But I understand that you get it and that's cool. :thumbsup:
  10. maxd

    MR Vegas

    Our casino Rep page is here: iGaming reps AFAIK the Mr Vegas folks have not registered.
  11. maxd

    Casumo Source of Wealth issues

    This is not appropriate for a public forum. Please find a way to express yourself in a socially acceptable manner.
  12. maxd

    WARNING Casino Royal Club: no pay and non-responsive

    FTR the problems with this casino have not gone away, players continue to report the same no-pay + stalling issues. Players have been and continue to be well advised to AVOID THIS CASINO.
  13. maxd

    WARNING GoldenLady: arbitrary confiscations and ignoring player issues

    The issues at this casino continue, same old story with these guys: Players are strongly advised to avoid this casino and take their money elsewhere.
  14. maxd

    Cross brand exclusion - UK?

    Yes regarding SE complaints. As to the responsiveness of Karamba I'd have to begin by saying that it's been a while since the last PAB against them, so the situation may well have changed since then. In any case that last one took a bit of faffing about but we did get there in the end.
  15. maxd

    Softswiss/N1/Direx N.V - losing non stopp

    Thread title modified to avoid confusion with official Casinomeister Warnings.
  16. maxd takes customers from restricted countries

    I believe you answered your own question.
  17. maxd takes customers from restricted countries

    Likely not true. AFAICT the player's country is geo-blocked from the casino. During KYC on a withdrawal they would have seen that the player's country was on the restricted list and that almost certainly would have iced the payments. Not hard to imagine the player would still have raised a...
  18. maxd takes customers from restricted countries

    @elsumen , you have an ongoing PAB on this issue and you are posting in this thread. Please read the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures, item 2.3. You can either have us continue with your PAB OR you can continue posting, not both. Pick one. Before you choose you should know that...
  19. maxd

    North Korea?

    Playford7 update: Bryan recommended I look into the "thread ban" feature for Playford7 as a possible alternative to me having disabled his account. That's now done. His account is reinstated to normal but he is banned from replying in this thread. FYI I won't be monitoring replies here. If you...
  20. maxd

    Casumo Source of Wealth issues

    Good point, and something that I understood Bryan had on his "to do" list. I'll remind him.
  21. maxd

    CasinoBTC is it safe to play?

    Many of us have been on the scene for a decade (or two), and we like it old-school. If that's not your style feel free to go elsewhere. Other sites on the intertubes have plenty of vacancies. :D - Max