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  1. trancemonkey

    Q&A Ask Me Anything about Slots (AMA) 2020 with Trancemonkey

    Hi all As the other thread ( Ask me anything (about slots)!),has grown in size to the point where going through it for anyone new would be tedious at best, and impossible at worst, I thought it might be a good idea to start another one. Let's try and keep this to new members who want to ask...
  2. Are you looking for Trada Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Trada Review
  3. trancemonkey

    Report recommends £2 stake online, and lots of other measures....
  4. trancemonkey

    My (other) new game

    My other new game is featured in this video. It's Fire It Up. :)
  5. trancemonkey

    My new game...jungle tower

    For anyone vaguely interested, this is a video someone has made playing my latest game in Vegas (it's on test at the moment...)
  6. trancemonkey

    IGT - We are recruiting for a Games Producer

    Hey all As some of you may know, I work for IGT (not online) and one of my teams in Belgrade is looking for a producer. Someone who has an understanding of what makes a good game, and what doesn't. Someone who knows a thing or too about slot games. Someone who can create new products for...
  7. trancemonkey

    Think slots are rigged? Read this first...

    For those of you that think slots (and roulette, and the rest) are rigged / compensated, consider the following questions first. 1. Can you prove beyond doubt using statistical evidence that games are rigged / compensated? Or is it just purely based on a "feeling"? 2. It is illegal (in...
  8. trancemonkey

    Chat room...

    This might have been mentioned before but I wish CM had a chat room. Even if it was only live for certain times and could house different debates or discussions each week....
  9. trancemonkey

    Question for BTG - V-gamble

    I'm not sure if anyone from BTG will comment on this, but i'm wondering how they can "patent" the gamble feature on Extra Chili, when Barcrest did that exact same feature around 10+ years ago on Rainbow Riches (we lovingly refer to it as a pie gamble) and multiple manufacturers have been using...
  10. trancemonkey

    Fat Rabbit

    What's everyone's thoughts on this - i've seen it on a few streamers big win videos. Looks quite good for a Push Gaming game, as they are normally rubbish - although they are always "slots for tots"...
  11. trancemonkey

    Demo video of my latest game :)

    Hey all At work me and a couple of other guys decided to have a go at making a video explaining my latest game... it's purely for demo purposes (a first attempt) but I thought I'd share it with you all, just so you can have a laugh at my expense. It was entirely unscripted, but we might go on...
  12. trancemonkey

    NetEnt sack CEO

    NetEnt have sacked their CEO due to the poor performance of the company. The CFO has currently taken over the role: NetEnt Sack CEO
  13. trancemonkey

    Twitch AMA

    Hey all Just wondering if any of you would be interested in me doing a live AMA on Twitch at some point in the future. The AMA thread on here is pretty huge now, so some of you no doubt haven't had chance to read it all! I would take questions live, maybe over a two hour period (if there is...
  14. trancemonkey

    We're looking for a Games (Slots) Producer!

    Hey all, we are looking for a games producer to work here at IGT... if you know games inside out (or want to!), and want to have a go at making them, have an eye for detail, and are hard working and passionate, then PM me!
  15. trancemonkey


    Hey all Some of you have asked me why i haven't designed a slot game based on suggestions from the CM forums. Even if it goes nowhere, i'd like to have a grown up, adult, no-tin-foil hat based discussion about what you guys & gals would like to see if i were to be able to do it - you never...
  16. trancemonkey

    Great news for Self-Exclusion

    This is also announced in the DCMS press-release today... "A new multi-operator self-exclusion scheme for online gambling, called GAMSTOP, is expected to be in place by the end of 2017. This will allow customers to self-exclude from all online gambling operators licensed by the Commission...
  17. trancemonkey

    Karamba Casino using fake & misleading videos in adverts

    As can be seen in the following video, Karamba are using fake and misleading videos in their advertisements. The advert and video was on facebook, from their official channel. The video can be found here: Firstly, he's playing at...
  18. trancemonkey

    Thanks CasinoMeister!

    Just a quick note to publicly thank CasinoMeister for meeting up with me in Vegas for a chat and some drinks - always nice to put a face to the names here at CM! I hope to meet some more of you at the MeisterMeet on Feb 6th next year - and I look forward to no doubt answering some more of...
  19. trancemonkey

    G2E Las Vegas

    I know this is not really an online show but if anyone will be there and wants to meet up one night, PM me :)
  20. trancemonkey

    Fabric 4 Slot

    Hey all An old game of mine from my Inspired days is now live in LeoVegas - Fabric 4. I loved the production we did on this but I think I made the maths a bit too volatile... Have a go and let me know what you think in this thread... If you get chance to play Shamrock Lock too, let me...
  21. trancemonkey

    Karamba - VERY dodgy marketing

    Karamba have ran this advert before, and i complained to them about it then, saying that the wording is misleading and incorrect - not every 5th spin on a slot is a sure win. They told me they were working on averages, but even then i would doubt that 1 in 5 was the win frequency. Also i simply...