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  1. Tengil

    North Korea?

    You couldn't come up with any worse analogies? And FWIW energy is taxed and it also has high positive externalities while smoking and drinking high amounts of soft drinks has basically none but instead massive negative ones to oversimplify it. Basic/intermediate microeconomics. No he couldn't...
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  3. Tengil

    North Korea?

    Personally think that Bloomberg was right. Its not like "poor" people are forced to smoke or drink liquid sugar, consumption of those products are highest among those with low socioeconomic status. So it would be a voluntary tax anyway. Generally Pigouvian taxes are a good tool to reduce...
  4. Tengil

    Proof of Fake Streaming

    The OP 100% knows that what he posted is zero proof and just made a fool out himself like all the posters who took it as some kind of proof. And the most ridiculous part is why would he "fake" his bet size? Some people on this forum..
  5. Tengil

    Play'n Go and Pragmatic lowered RTP

    Maybe for UK but for ROW it wasn't even mentioned in the news section. So to find out you had to read forums like CM or notice it yourself, if you asked CS if some of the games (like Rise of Olympus) had changed they said no.
  6. Tengil

    Question Do you guys watch slots streamers?

    No he wasn't. Not a single shred of evidence that he would be fake and wouldn't put too much weight on some casinodaddy smear campaign. Actually by using Occam's razor everything points out to him being "real" with only thing supporting fake accusations is that he would perhaps be too expensive...
  7. Tengil

    New Slot Announcement Bonanza by Big Time Gaming

    I had 37 spins once, actually started with 12 spins. Paid only 350x but WR was almost done so a nice wd in the end so it didn't really piss me off that much.
  8. Tengil

    Your Input Please Finnish People at CM?

    Glad Svenska dagen till alla. Im probably (?) the only Swedish-speaking Finn here
  9. Tengil

    North Korea?

    Why do people even mention Fox "news"? There was a study that showed that people who don't follow any news channel etc were more aware of current events than those watching Fox crap. Its not even a news channel.. Guess FOX is for those on the left side
  10. Tengil

    Brexit - whats the difference.....

    ' A complete nutcase creationist. One of the most despicable Finnish politicians and a fraudster.
  11. Tengil

    Videoslots - Newly Accredited

    Its just the standard green wheel. Recently completed 750 000 wins and got 2x for 100 spins.
  12. Tengil

    Biggest win with one spin at N1 Casino by Roshtein

    Here is some proof I guess Transactions on all the Casinos that Roshtein has played on. The talk about him being fake was started by CasinoDaddy(?) and some other streamers as he took so many viewers from them. The only reason to think he is fake is that he would cost the casinos quite a bit...
  13. Tengil

    Biggest win with one spin at N1 Casino by Roshtein

    Well we don't know the details of his deals, may have close to zero affiliate earnings in exchange for 300% bonuses. And no normal player gets deals what other streamers have either, for example doubt anyone here gets 100% up to 500e at Leovegas with 10e max bet on normal slot play and no limit...
  14. Tengil

    Biggest win with one spin at N1 Casino by Roshtein

    He has an EV of over 2k for every 2k deposit (betting 50/spin) so he would actually profit hundreds of thousands, he had even higher when he was allowed to bet 100e/spin. Obviously a sick hourly EV.
  15. Tengil

    How to choose casino bonus?

    If we assume a deposit of 100 in 1,2 and 3 and a bet size of 3 on a 96,5% hv slot they would have roughly these expected returns: 1. Bust rate would be around 85% which average wagering of 3k giving an EV of 95 as it would be 200-(3000x0,035). And you could get something from the fs too. 2...
  16. Tengil

    New Slot Announcement Dead or Alive 2!

    Couldn't agree more. On the original had over 400 features with 2 times extra spins and once broke 200Xbet. Decent basegame though. Tried the new one, had one feature that paid nothing (expected of course), but personally I think it looked worse than the original in some way that's hard to explain.
  17. Tengil

    Your Fur-Babies 2019

    My snowshoes enjoying summer 2018
  18. Tengil

    Videoslots - Newly Accredited

    First you say nothing has changed and that you earn it the same way as before which is not true. Well in 2018 on a 96% RTP slot you earned 0,5% (after the first cut when you got around 0,6%) and now its 0,4%. So one can expect it to be further cut, in 2018 formula was 0,25(HEx0,5) and now its...
  19. Tengil

    Videoslots - Newly Accredited

    If you complete the win xxx/day achievements the same day you reset it you will get them "again". If you don't reset it the same day it wont work., at least it used to work that way. Used to do it on Bonanza as it gave a nice chunk of rewards (with old system) on top of the complete all.
  20. Tengil

    Videoslots - Newly Accredited

    Well not sure what to call them when one can easily see that it has been cut. From their site "Weekend Booster is calculated on theoretical RTP, we boost the RTP of the game with following formula 0.1(100-TRTP)= Boosted RTP. The extra winnings are paid to the player once a week as a guaranteed...
  21. Tengil

    Videoslots - Newly Accredited

    Well you are either lying or don't have the correct info. Then again one can ask since when? Its actually over 2 years ago since I checked it (100 spins at 96%) and since then it has been cut by around 50%.