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Thread: PORTOFINO Casino sleezes me

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    Ok.I'll not bother you then.

    I'll just rant.

    Firstly a thumbs up to Mr Abbott.

    Any Webmaster that cannot see
    as a Software Company deserve to be called rogues are missing the plain and simple fact
    of their own volition set up an
    complaints procedure to which they have not adhered to.

    Disassociation from the bad behaviour of errant licensees because they are in the business of providing a software platform,not great casino's,ceases to be a valid defence once the complaints procedure was implemented.

    To fail to implement ones own,self enforced level of ethics,just has to be behaviour nothing short of rogueish.

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    I have the feeling that Bryan's principled stand on the extraordinarily high level of bad casino practice encountered among
    licensees may well be followed by other webmasters of conscience.

    I would hope so, because the
    is more of a webmaster-focused, voluntary body that can bring only a limited amount of peer discipline to bear on it's members and should therefore not be expected to act as a player advocacy entity per se.

    This is a summary from another
    with which
    guys were in agreement:

    is primarily a webmasters group, but it recognises the importance of the consumer and individual webmasters are generally prepared to assist aggrieved players. The group does not have an obligation to do so and it is not a specific objective.

    "The group has no authority over individual portalmaster members and does not have an obligation to police their activities. It does, however give members access to guidelines, help, information and recommendations, for example on casinos that may repeatedly indulge in questionable practices. The manner in which members deal with such information is at their discretion.

    "The group has a primary spokesperson in Slycin as its manager, and unless otherwise stated she speaks for the membership who are informed and consulted through its internal mechanisms.

    has plans for structural changes in the future but it does not see itself as a player advocacy group now or then, although there is the possibility that some sort of partnership with a player-reporesentative group in the future is not ruled out."

    So effectively it is up to the individual webmasters' consciences and ethics concerning what actions they take to protect players from the depredations of
    's bad apples. Several of them have already acted.

    The truth is, in this unregulated industry there is a vacuum out there when it comes to safeguarding the consumer's interests.

    There is no credible (on track record) body presently capable of exerting effective pressure as a partner on turnkey suppliers that do not guarantee the paybacks to clients in the event of casinos folding or straighten them up if their licensee choice is bad, or allow bad practice at their licensees to go unchecked. Or, in this hopefully more enlightened era cares little for the tribulations of its consumers and ignores their complaints.

    , for all its admirable work in the political and lobbying field has not impressed on player issues, most of the so-called licensing jurisdictions do not even bother to respond and even proposed new "assurance" bodies like eCOGRU have not highlighted equal player involvement in their initial publicity (in fairness, this is still very new and there could be more development which negates my comment here)

    As has been said ad nauseum, the player holds the ultimate power - his hard-earned cash.

    Unfortunately, the lure of a good bonus often supercedes player caution or indignation at the antics of a bad casino, and there are always the newbies who probably get hammered every day if they have not developed the skill of researching and communicating before playing.

    Those who feel strongly about a fair and reasonable business will continue to try and assist aggrieved players, lend a hand with their claims and warn others not to fall into the same traps, but it's a relatively small group of individuals in a sea of player hassles.

    Long story short - players have to communicate with each other constantly through the better fora and do their research before awarding their business.

    Thus far, widespread criticism over the last two years or more has seemingly done little to change the way
    operates and it is unlikely that they are going to change. Therefore, be on your guard.

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    portofino/hamptons pulled a similiar scam on me. I outlined it on
    but I will summarize it here again:

    I had an account with their old software. They released new software. I signed up under the new software, got the freebie and lost it all. I tried to get the signup bonus but the system said to contact live chat. I did. I asked if I could get thee signup bonus if i had an old account at the previous software, he said yes no problem, told me to deposit and gave me the bonus manually. I played through and won.

    Fax back forms later, I get told that i "Combined" the bonuses. I told them that was nonsense. Two hours after that, they gave me a new line - that I was on a negative database. Hello? If i was on a negative database, why was I allowed to signup? To get the freebie? To deposit? To get a bonus manually added by customer support who TOLD me that I was eligible? To play and risk my own funds? And yet they still voided my play and returned my deposit.

    To this day they still owe me $100 in winnings. Typical Bait&Switch Scam - win win for the casino, lose lose for the player. Stay away from 'em!

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