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    Is Intertops still safe?

    Ironic that there is an Intertops post here when I came on tonight. I am having trouble with their deposits of BTC & BTC Cash. Any other site, they are 5 minutes, almost instant with the BTC Cash. Every time I deposit there though, it is almost 2 hours. Tonight was even worse. Over 2 hours...
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    Clear cache delete cookies

    Deleting cookies is a major pain because it resets so damn much stuff. Slot preferences, speed preferences, logs you out of every damn thing you have set to instant log in. (don't remember password? type crap) The cache is a different story, no biggie, but leave my cookies alone!
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    Winner Screenshots - June 2019

    New slot at Intertops Classic, only betting pennies but sure surprised me!
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    North Korea?

    Can't believe this thread is still going... over a year later. Haven't read it in months and don't intend too. Good luck all!
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    How often do you change the Casinos you Play at?

    Right now at 3 Dice...... ugh:: Give me a break already!
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    How often do you change the Casinos you Play at?

    OMG! Started online play in 1998, I think. English Harbour was Microgaming. Loved loved loved Cash Splash!! They were giving a free $20 to try it out, no withdrawal limits, no ID's, none of the crap we go through today. I won/cashed $925 on that freebie, (telling myself I will never see that...
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    USA players?

    Sad, compared how we use to be here a lot. I was 3 -4 times a day at least.
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    'This is a fake site' - WTF?

    It did just now for me too... been a while since I was on..... thought, "Well, this is new!"
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    USA players?

    Thank you for commenting, Nightfly
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    USA players?

    Hi, It's been a while since I visited. I am wondering how many players from the USA still come to CM & how often. I just checked out the "America The Beautiful" section and not really a lot to view. I don't know if it is the new updated version or just me but it seems to take forever to load...
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    White social media pop up left side of screen

    So............ the PITA (pain in the ass) pop-ups are still going strong!
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    North Korea?

    Perhaps Trump is using the old "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"
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    North Korea?

    After his election, Obama went around to EVERY country, apologizing for the USA's behavior! That made the USA look very weak, imo.
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    North Korea?

    A one trillion addition to the debt is nothing compared to the damage Obama did... around 10 trillion added to it, I believe.