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    Ah Brian Blessed. The Sovereign State you will find is the United Kingdom and not Scotland, England, Northern Ireland or Wales. Jokes aside, Javid is technically correct, Westminster approval is required to enable another IndyRef. The IndyRef TheSNP promised would be once in a generation. So yes...
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    To Post in this Forum

    #PermissionfromSajid is now required. :laugh::laugh::laugh: As all of Scotland has overnight been trolling the UK Home Secretary :laugh::laugh::laugh: I bet his phone has exploded from Twitter notifications LOL
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    Who did you vote for in the EU Elections

    Yeah the sectarianism in Scotland is pretty full on. Whenever I visit religion is most definitely off the menu. Love the country though as IMO it is the most beautiful part of the UK and the people aren't bad either :) LOL Would love to go to an old firm game, but like you say I think I would...
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    Who did you vote for in the EU Elections

    I can't see the above happening. I've always wanted to go to an 'Old Firm' derby up in Scotland, come with me :D - You'll see first hand the polarising sides first hand LOL. There is more chance of an independent Scotland than a united Ireland and that isn't going to happen IMO. As for Wales, no...
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    Exit Stage Left

    I sold my main and oldest site yesterday Online Casino Reviewer - I will still be frequenting the CM forum though, but fellow webbies time for a change of direction for me. The site is nearly 15 years old. But I am looking forward not back.
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    Sad - Lost our Best Friend

    So sorry to read this GreyLady. Thoughts are with you xx
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    Sad - Lost our Best Friend

    Just received a phone call from the vets, telling me she is ready to be 'collected' as in her ashes. :( Just hit for me six again :(
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    I won but wife is on gamstop

    Interestingly enough prior to the Grand National ( the last one I will watch BTW, but that is entirely another story ), my wife wanted to place a bet online. Now I registered with GamStop last summer, so obviously I couldn't put anything on. So she had to find a sportsbook that I had no account...
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    Sad - Lost our Best Friend

    Having previously owned Big Dogs ie Labs, it was based on the fact she was small LOL. It kind of stuck when we got her as a puppy. She learnt that was her name before Jess :D
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    Sad - Lost our Best Friend

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I am really touched and they have helped me.
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    Sad - Lost our Best Friend

    Wednesday last week we sadly said goodbye to our constant companion Jess aka The Big, who sadly fell asleep for the last time. We were all with her, when she went, ensuring she was not alone and knowing that she was very much loved. We are all heartbroken and devastated. We had her before we...
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    Your nostalgia slots

    Ah the good old days. Used to love playing the Cryptologic King Kong Slot at Intercasino. I hit this bad boy which formed part of a big streak at Intercasino. Ridiculous bet sizes once I built my bank roll up.
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    Brexit - whats the difference.....

    Artist Taxi Driver's latest news, which he updates every morning. Absolutely hilarious. Lovely bloke too, behind the persona, who I had the pleasure of sharing a cuppa with during the week of the ICE back in 2017.
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    I'm currently listening to...

    Currently working whilst listening to David Gilmour Live at Pompeii. I was so so fortunate to see the opening night of his Rattle That Lock tour in Brighton back in 2016. I am a massive Pink Floyd fan and still kick myself for not going to see them at Earls Court back in 1994. My biggest regret...
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    What is the most addictive slot game ever??

    Great thread and whilst I profess to no play no more online. I used to love playing the original Tombraider. That was an excellent slot game. Then there is the original Thunderstruck. But if I were playing nowadays, it would be Great Blue, Gladiator, Book of Ra and Raging Rhino. Plus the odd...