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    Dionysus is a bad mod again?:p I thought this is what the thread was about, What is the count now on that? 6?
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    FREE SPINS - September 2020

    That's 'cause you're the cash cow!:D
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    Chipmonkz Confirmed using Partially Fake Money

    100 percent right! (Especially if they are letting people know.) I agree if they are not doing things legally or shady or fake or something than yes but everyone is suppose to be an adult so you can make the choice of not following or staying away.
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    Chipmonkz Confirmed using Partially Fake Money

    Why does it really matter? Why are people obsessing over this?
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    Q&A Ask Me Anything about Slots (AMA) 2020 with Trancemonkey

    Pretty much the same here in Canada I thought I read it somewhere at least that the jackpot has to be paid first before the machine is taken out, I really doubt they do that here or at my local casino even if it is law.
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    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87

    Winnie the Pooh Bear running wild still. ;)
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    Official Videoslots presents Battle of Slots!

    Soooo I deposit over $1,000 and you know a regular player and all and want to pay the entry fee to play a battle but yet I am not allowed as I miss the limits by one day. :(
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    Happy Birthday Reelsoffun

    Happy Birthday and have fun of the Reels! :P
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    Birthday Happy Birthday Mina1929

    Happy birthday Mina! :)
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    Birthday Happy Birthday ESCJAMIE

    Happy birthday! :)
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    Official Videoslots presents Battle of Slots!

    Just finished 605th, 5 places short of the money. :( I am a sad slotmaster.
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    Snowflake Thread!!!

    Is kroffe trying to be an American with the new avatar? :P
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    Birthday Happy Birthday BrianGhattas

    Happy Birthday to @BrianGhattas you Ottawa guy! :)
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    Today I Feel Good Because...

    My biggest one time sale made it to the customer all the way to the states in the time it said it would take as just got a message from them and they are excited and happy. I was nervous as it was my 1st time shipping to the states and with pandemic and couriers behind and the fires, I was...
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    Gigadat deposits wait time on deposits!

    Whoa! We have a gigadat rep!?:eek2::cool: