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    Bitstarz and streamers

    It’s streamers guys.. lol no more needs to be said..
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    Scammed By Jackpot Charm Casino

    Fair play. just avoid these places in future mate and enjoy your money.
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    Got one, it sadly doesn’t do as it describes so she’s now a cooled flannel on her as she basks on the lounge floor lol
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    Scammed By Jackpot Charm Casino

    Can you show us the payment you received please? May help other members going forwards mate. best regards and congrats Ben
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    Scammed By Jackpot Charm Casino

    Harsh but v true. Unless you have a Philadelphia lawyer under your mattress.
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    Good to hear. Stress can be a killer... The heat here is upsetting poor sox mind, panting like a lady of the night
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    Trump will sort it out. Don’t be worrying
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    They are until they are not. That is all.
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    Scammed By Jackpot Charm Casino

    They have the curaçao license so I’d prepare yourself for sadly not seeing a penny.
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    Q&A Ask Me Anything about Slots (AMA) 2020 with Trancemonkey

    He has most people at devil! Believe me!..
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    I'm currently listening to...

    Far too scary a video to watch this time of night mate.
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    Oh, I had a glass today funnily enough when me and belle visited my mate. Was full sugar Ribena, not the snowflake type... would that be full R rate Ribena?..
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    Bierfest 31 July 2020!!

    Also no need to keep mentioning ‘burned’ Reported haha
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    Official Videoslots presents Battle of Slots!

    Was that via rewards? Or your own? I never had a bit of luck on any pragmatic, also sox thinks the use of dogs in a slot encourages other dogs to gamble... she’s not happy at all.