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    R.I.P Mom/Lisa

    I feel so truly sorry to inform you that Lisa or Pinababy69 has passed away today August 2nd 2013 at 2:04 AM I know that she was a big part of this forum I am her daughter typing this I didn't know where to put this post so please don't yell at me we will all truly miss her she was a big part in...
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    32red Payment Processing

    I wish I could comment, but typing is almost impossible for me right now. Briefly though I agree w/Matt. Sorry I cant type more right now Pat. Hopefully I will be better soon.
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    Happy Birthday Jasminebed!!

    Happy Birthday Linda...from one fellow Canucklehead to another, lol. Oh, and the over 50 club as well. Have a super day, and enjoy the cruise tomorrow.
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    The favorite game and casino

    LMAO...what an apt description. :laugh: For me....32Red, no competition. Why anyone who CAN play there would play at any other MG, I'll never understand. As for least 80% of my gameplay there is on Break da Bank Again. NetEnt....again, Dead or Alive. I have been playing...
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    Baptism by Fire - success is giving it a go

    Ditto here was the oddest thing, lol. First time it happened I was like "whoa, how did I end up with 5K credits"? LOL.... :p
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    Bankroll Goes South After a Certain Amount at 3Dice

    Neither have I, but then again, I don't kiss chicks as a rule. :laugh:
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    Announcement from the GRA concerning Hilo and ReelDeal games

    Just got Bryan's PM and of course I signed. I haven't been all that involved in things of late...but if there's anything that anyone would like me to do, emails to be sent, soapboxes to preach on, etc....please drop me a PM. I've never been one to back down from a fight, be it online or in...
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    32 Red Flash Casino - Strange Problem Reels Keep a Spinnin'

    Glad to see I'm not the only one. I really like playing the flash casino for a change of pace....but had stopped due to constant disconnects. I have just stuck to the d/l casino...but if you guys say it is now fixed...I may give it a go. Thanks!!
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    Happy Birthday Pinababy69!!

    Thank you so much Bryan!! Yes...50, half a century. Hard to believe I've spent 1/5th of that on this forum, lol. Thank you for everything. :notworthy Hey Chu, Baba Wawa ain't got nothing on me. :laugh: Hey Slotster...thanks. It's nice to see you back again. There's a group of us...
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    New members/old members..why your username? remember? My God, I thought I had a mind like a steel trap...ha ha. I'll have to come back and share...just in the middle of something. You are a bad, bad girl JP. :laugh:
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    New members/old members..why your username?

    Ditto to both. LMAO... :laugh:
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    Miami Club Casino - I am trying to get answers and things resolved about payout

    The phrase that convinced me was "forever and a day". What non native English person, who just learned the language (self taught yet), would use that phrase? Don't think so. :rolleyes:
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    Happy Birthday Pat Harrison!!

    Hey there Pat....just wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday. I know it's on Sunday the 17th (St. Paddy's Day, how fitting, lol). Wanted to make sure you saw it before the weekend. Hoping that you have a super day whatever you do. :thumbsup: Cheers to the best Operations Director in...
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    Bitch and Moan 32 Red Live Dealer Casino error!!!

    If I'm not mistaken, both Pat and Mark are away in South Africa this week. The person to contact would be Jonathan....he's listed under I Gaming Reps. He is the Customer Support Manager/Supervisor. I'm also going to give him a heads up on this thread, in case he's not already aware. EDIT...