Passionate about fairness in all things gaming related.
May 14, 1963 (Age: 57)
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
How did you find Casinomeister?
Worst Casino
Virtual Group, Playshare and all their white labels, all Rivals (cept Sloto), all Topgame shitholes
Favorite Bands
Marvin Gaye, Boyz2Men, Leann Rimes, R&B/Soul, Classic Rock (Zeppelin, Stones, Floyd), Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dance Music, Easy Listening, Amanda Marshall, 50's Oldies, Southern Rock a la Skynyrd and the ultimate performer......Rod Stewart!! Did I leave anyone/anything out?
Favorite TV shows
24, Supernatural, American Idol, House, CSI's, Medium, Larry King Live, A&E, Discovery Channel, TLC
Preferred Beverage
Southern Comfort on the rocks and a double White Russian


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