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    French affiliate puzzle

    ahh i saw that too in my affiliate account but impossible to have a reply from Party to know what's happen the link with the infos is now cancel in affiliate account :confused:
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    Poker affiliate (pokerroom) i can't get my payment

    hello i try to have my payment from them since 2 month now for some cpa players at pokerroom and a % deal for another rooms but impossible to get it ,some of you have similar problem ? before they send you a bi-weekly statement now it's finish since 3 month i got nothing impossible to contact...
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    palaceofchance slow for payment??

    just got it . thank you Palace of chance :)
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    palaceofchance slow for payment??

    hello i'd cashout since one week by neteller and impossible to get my money,my cashout is always in pending status,they got my id docs but they never reply to my emails..i'd play just my comps points,wagering more than 3000$ before cashout ,already deposit in the past with the same neteller...
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    william hill cashout(6 days and nothing...)

    it's ok i get my cashout yesterday :rolleyes:
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    william hill cashout(6 days and nothing...)

    always nothing in my neteller account 3 days after my phone call !!!! this casino is dead or what ?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :confused:
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    William Hill - No Support???

    normal !!!!:mad: i'm waiting a cashout since 11 days now !!! and always nothing !!! i send them several emails ,i got any reply !!!!! i phone them and 3 days after no news for my neteller cashout !!!!!! :mad: :confused:
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    william hill cashout(6 days and nothing...)

    i'd cashout last friday,when i saw i got nothing monday i send them an email:no reply,next day i resend them an email saying they can call me at home:no reply,wenesday i phone them but they told me to retry the next day because there was nobody who speak french (and they want absolutly i speak...
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    william hill cashout(6 days and nothing...)

    so i 'd phone them (i find the correct number )this morning and they told me it's my first cashout so my withdrawal must be check by the security department before they accept it !!! ok but 7 days it's really too long !!!!!!!!!!:mad:and their customer service is really bad !!!
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    william hill cashout(6 days and nothing...)

    hummmmmmmmmmm always no new from them !!! they don't reply to my emails and their phone number is out !!!!!!!!!!:mad: one week now !!!!!:confused:
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    william hill cashout(6 days and nothing...)

    hello i'd cashout 140$ 6 days ago from william hill and always nothing in my neteller account,i 'd send them 3 emails and no reply from them !!! :mad: what's the solution ??? thank you for info
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    Microgaming Software Glitch?

    hi same problem here ,i played the last days at 32red,desert dollard & alljackopts and impossible to play with their slots,each time i start a session , after about 10 spins the software closed all the windows(game,lobby...) and i get a popup with this vcore.dll who missing or something like...
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    luckynuggetspoker where is my deposit ?

    hello i'd deposit some $ in my poker account this morning ,the money was transfert from my neteller account ,but nothing in my poker account . i send you many emails with the transaction number but no reply why ???? just a little email for saying it's nothing " we're sorry your money will be...
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    Good odds calculator ??

    hello i try to find a good odds calculator like texas calculatem with autoread and where i can buy with neteller ? thank you for info :confused:
  15. L gone bad?????or not???

    re aahhhhh happy to see it's no happen just for me ,yes me too i have this bad experience since they update their room. yes ,yes impossible to win something in my last session. :confused: