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    Gun Control debate - What the hell is wrong with people???

    It is well past the point of gun control issues. These assault weapons and machine guns should never be available to any citizen. The gun control law should only be for use of a private issued gun. There is no need for individuals to be purchasing mass guns that can have 100 rounds sent off in...
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    Withdrawl at Redflush

    I only use instadebit, and i have never had to wait at redflush for my withdrawal. After the 24 hours waiting period a few hours after that i am paid. I use to have the problem with spin palace holding deposits from instadebit, they took 14 days, that has changed also. Main street group is...
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    Slow Pay Belle Rock 10 days pending cashouts now?

    Trust me i fully understand your frustration with this matter. I am looking at this from a different point of view. First with the amount of withdrawal. If it is a larger sum, then it is 7 to 10 days. And yes it is in their terms. Next is when was the last time you sent in your id info and is...
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    really need help here for a cashout

    I had club world support years ago walk me through setting up my account. I faxed them over a cheque and they responded telling me how to put the info in during chat. You could fax them a blank cheque or mail them one. Just put a cross through it and write void in the cheque.
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    I perhaps shouldn't post this here. My Mum has passed away.

    I am so so sorry. When my dad passed my youngest was 9, we stayed at my moms house after the funeral. Later he looked up at grandma and i and said so when is grandpa coming back home. Well at the very least that was the hardest thing i had to deal with when my children had been small. And last...
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    high stakes casino search

    I did find that the mg casinos pay large amounts out without limits. Well there is a limit but they send 5k out at a time within the hour. As long as your id is updated with them, there is no issues at all. I was paid within the time limit at a few different mg casinos for amounts 20k 15k...
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    New games at MG

    I have opened up 32 red and at this end still no new games. So I deleted casino and downloaded it again. I still have no new games at my end.
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    (reassure me) Is this just bad luck?

    Not to mention awhile back if you hit the 100th spin you knew the feature was hitting soon. Not now it is like 300 400 spins. I am finding rtg just as tight. I play the same mg games you do and no luck either.
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    My tattoos

    Strange you said that im 50+ and i told him for my bday in aug. i wanted him to draw me a sun and moon one. You know the nicer looking ones with the deeper tones in them. thinking on my ankle this way as i age and if i gain weight it wont look like a saggy butt or something lol
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    My tattoos

    Love those. I have no tattoos yet my youngest one does. I will have him take a pic for you and send it off. He drew this himself it is of a dragon in different tones that goes all around the forearm. The price to have this done was close to 900 yet he paid nothing if the artist could keep the...
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    Casino Complaint king neptunes casino live chat, hilarious unless it was my money :-(

    I also back in dec 2010 had a large withdraw coming from jackpot. It was just under20k They did ask me for updated docs. Did forward them off to find out that you must send each doc separate. Each one with your name date of birth and address account number. I also used 3 different utility...
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    ATTN: Casino Rep MG error messages.

    Only when i am in the mg casinos. I use cable internet while i am playing my other computers have no issues while other members of the home are on there.
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    ATTN: Casino Rep MG error messages.

    After i get those messages and close off the casino, i get another pop up box asking if it should look to see what is compatable to use with the casino. sorry typos no glasses
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    ATTN: Casino Rep MG error messages.

    The download version. I even went on the other puters and downloaded the casinos and same issues. So I just spent hours deleting mg and playing off comp points. Sorry mg the fun is gone.
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    ATTN: Casino Rep MG error messages.

    I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else playing mg casinos. I always get error messages after i close off the casino time after time. I also know when this will happen as each spin i place on slots shows the same spin as the prior one. My funds get lower no hits and if i do by chance...