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    How can Cirrus send me this neteller withdrawl to an account that I never gave them?!

    You should have recieved an email from neteller saying you had a deposit from them, so you might want to check your mail. If you're looking to recieve a check, its only a $2 fee at Neteller as opposed to Cirrus's outragous fees.
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    Blackjack Player

    I didn't do anything special, I just requested my payout through neteller and it came through. It might be because I requested it during the night time here in the states.
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    Blackjack Player

    I also had a good experience at blackjackplayer. I just signed over the weekend using casinomeister's bonus. I played $5 BJ hands and netted $250, the money quickly hit my neteller account after about an hour or two after i requested a payout. I'm a big fan of casinos that payout quickly...
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    This was my very first poker room I played at. I started playing with them earlier this year, but I haven't played in several months. Since I didn't have a Neteller account at the time I had to get a check from them. It took about two weeks for them to send it, but thats the process time for...
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    Super ( Vegas )

    I played there for a brief period to check them out. I'll agree with the fact that their CS department does pretty much nothing if you have questions or problems. I know my bonus was added immediately after I deposited so no problems there. I ended up breaking even, but I've never had much...
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    Belle Rock playing games with Scratch Card Promotion

    I play at which is a part of bell rock. I don't know how big of a part, but I haven't had any problems with them at all. I've gotten a few of those scratch cards last month and the bell rock cards are almost impossible to win. I think you had to get 4 out of 16 exactly...