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    New Casino - Leomonaco - rogue

    Very lucky! Now run and never return to those type of sites!
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    Birthday Happy birthday Harry_BKK

    Happy birthday!
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    32 red reverse withdrawal

    I thought everyone had to remove it though? unless there’s a specific date it needs to be done by so this way people do it at the last minute.
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    PlayHub Casino - accusing me of fraud on slots?

    What would be the script here then if the OP didn’t get her deposit returned? Obviously they are saying they have sent it back but with them being crooks an all that what would they do next to actually get there deposit returned. Get in contact with the bank possibly?
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    PlayHub Casino - accusing me of fraud on slots?

    Gutted for you. Gang of robbing bastards!! horrible horrible group!
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    Responsible Gaming Wunderino

    If you have an email confirming this why on earth would you try to log in deposit and play? Not sure on what would have happened if you had actually won and tried to withdraw. pretty sure if you have an email saying you have self excluded you should have not been allowed to log in. Rather...
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    Casino Napoli - another player scammed!

    I really doubt you can do anything. I think bonus buys while using bonus money is not allowed at good casinos too.
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    The Remarkable CM Community Thread

    Great comp my guess £21.60.
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    We won it!! -iGB Awards 2019

    Well done casinomeister! Big congrats!
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    FAKE GAMES: Four Crowns Casino

    Constantly getting spam from these. same old crooks behind the other rouge casinos!
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    Introduce myself

    Hello and welcome!
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    Congrats Tirilej

    Amazing news ! congratulations