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    Megaways Has Arrived at Playolg!

    The big reveal of the NEW PlayOLG comes October 5. Get probably be disappointed.
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    New Slot Announcement Roshtein Megaways by GameArt

    Another reason why 2020 has been a terrible year for many. Roshtein getting his own slot? Ridiculous. The only good thing he ever did was finally turn me off to slot streamers. Stopped watching them in April, uninstalled Twitch and avoided them on YouTube. My life is better for it.
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    Birthday Happy Birthday BrianGhattas

    Thanks, everybody.
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    Irresponsible streamers & affiliates?

    Eh, I stopped watching streamers months ago or anything on Twitch. Tired of the phony personalities, the same games being played (does Pragmatic and Play N Go pay these guys) and the ass kissing. Just don’t care any more. Good for them that they found jobs as “professional slot machine players”...
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    Poll Are you spending more or less on gambling during the Covid-19 lockdown?

    @RickyMicky I don’t have a choice if I want no strings attached fun.
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    Canadians are no longer able to use Vanilla MasterCard for online gambling

    No big deal. I have been using my Visa Debit.
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    Poll Are you spending more or less on gambling during the Covid-19 lockdown?

    I’m down $2100 after half a year, which is way more than I usually lose in a whole year. I have gambled more because the COVID-19 pandemic has kept me away from my more expensive vices. From 2017 to 2019 I spent a good $8-10000 a year on “working ladies”.
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    Extra chilli/ BetVictor

    @pinnit2014 LOL It’s been that way for most people who aren’t “professional online slot machine players”.
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    Crazy time Slot - wow!

    Another Wheel Spinner. I’ll bet that guy from Malta has been streaming his wagers on this game.
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    New Slot Announcement Gonzo's Quest Megaways by Red Tiger

    Considering the bad luck I’ve had playing Gonzo’s Quest in the past I’m not dying to play this.
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    Are you "up" or "down" on your regular online casino?

    Been way down the last 18 months.
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    Megaways Has Arrived at Playolg!

    Played Ripping Rhino Megaways and it’s as bad as advertised. Two Bonus Guarantees, a couple of 36x hits and tons of dead spins.
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    Falling out of love with slots

    @Don't be rigged now You need to be a streamer period. They’re the only ones getting big “wins” consistently. It’s been a rough 18 months for me. I have lost my love for online slots. I think it might be time to play table games only.
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    Swedish government introduces new temporary rules

    Yeah, any streamers that are still based out of Sweden will be packing their bags for Malta. Personally, I’d rather they just stop streaming altogether. I stopped watching streamers weeks ago. If they bring this to the U.K., I’m sure Nick will also move to Malta.
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    Winner Screenshots-June 2020

    I guess I could have started the thread. I thought only L&L could. Anyway, two nice wins. Another $270 win in Sofia’s bonus but this time I was betting $1.20. The other slot is Caishen from iBetSoft and it’s a clone of one of my favourite games at Casino Lac Leamy in Lucky 88. I got the 88x...