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    Why can't I post

    In the webmaster forums?
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    About Intercasino...

    I own stock in Cryptologic, they better be legit :D I play poker at 6 of their sites monthly. Have had zero problems.
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    200/200 matchplay then 50% up to 200 WGI

    Um yeah, pay to join a casino? Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
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    Does this count as a 100%+ payout?

    I don't know why we would get different results, but WinPoker says 100.17. My version of WP is 6.0.5 and is over a year old. Maybe there's a flaw in it?
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    25 $1000 Freeroll Tourneys

    *CASH BACK is calculated using the following formula: The player's contribution to the hands total rake prior to either FOLDING or reaching the rake MAXIMUM of $3.00 (whichever comes first) multiplied by the player's Silver, Gold, Diamond or Platinum Percentage Level. So unlike party where...
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    Does this count as a 100%+ payout?

    Bill Dancer Presents WinPoker 6.0 which I trust more than any other site considering he's won millions playing video poker. And also the game itself has a stamp that says, "Certified over 100% payback".
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    Does this count as a 100%+ payout?

    The double bonus actually pays out 100.17% Double BOnus Video Poker Hand Name Payout Frequency % Prob. Occurs Every % of Ret. Royal Flush 4200 64.506273 0.002% 40290.04 2.08% 4 Aces 750 524.64217 0.020% 4953.776 3.03% 4 2's 3's 4's 450 1525.1313 0.059% 1704.089 5.28% Straight Flush...
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    VP Payouts - 99.94% the best online?

    I was dealt 4 aces on a 50 play penny machine in vegas 3 weeks ago. 800 coins per game for a total of 40,000 coin ($400) payout :)
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    Casino Robots

    The "expert" mode in VP on the microgaming sites often differs from what Bob Dancer Presents WinPoker says to hold..... I dunno, I trust BDPWP over what the game says.....
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    Homesite 5.0 is my baby

    Visual but I'm an developer more than a "designer".
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    Bugsy's Club

    He means it's PROFITABLE for the strong hand - unprofitable for the weak hand. It's like blackjack where it takes the long run for things to even out. If I flop a set of aces and there's a 5 on the flop also, someone with 24 can call my bets and raises till the river and hit a 3 for their...
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    Fortune Lounge Doubles Wagering Requirements

    I have to side with love2vegas on this one. I am an existing member of Vegas Palms and a few other Fortune Lounge casinos. I received the exact same e-mail promising 300% deposit bonus. Nowhere in the email did it say it was for new accounts only and nowhere on the main page did it say that...
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    What's happening with Microgaming casinos?

    Riverbelle bought out The Gaming Club.
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    Online Poker sites is the best poker forum on the net. Party poker has the most fish because of their heavy advertising on the world poker tour. Poker stars has the best multi player tournaments. Others that are "legit" - paradisepoker, ultimatebet, the gaming club (prima skin).
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    paid for traffic

    Your original post is confusing. You talk about two different things but never really make clear what your question is. My reply was for signing up at a poker site and depositing. Before you do so you can find an affiliate that will give you a portion of your rake back and/or a portion of...