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    Question utility bill not available for Novibet

    My advice would be to log into your online banking, download the latest PDF statement and speak to the rep on here and see if they can get it approved for you Iv been asked for ID hundreds of times and I quite often use PDF files from the bank or from Sky for my telephone/tv/internet bill Iv...
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    Unfair activity or problem software in CASINO EXTREME

    So the software was faulty as you screenshot shows but you continued to play on and lose the $500? If you did, it would appear you were freerolling in your mind as if you won you say nothing, if you lose however you apply for a refund If I'm wrong in my assumptions then please disregard my...
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    Resolved LeoVegas - nice big win but are they stalling paying? withdrawal pending 4 days..

    Id say over the years Leo Vegas stand out to me as a casino that are well known to stall players that win big and want to withdraw, it must surely be with the intention of you reversing it and playing/losing. When they first started they were the type of casino that would stay on the line...
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    Misc Correction Slotsmagic updates

    Just to add to this, support at slotsmagic have confirmed all slots may be played with an active bonus however if your bonus balance does not show in the balance on any particular game then it will NOT count towards wagering! Quite an important term to clarify I think! Cheers
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    Question Wink Slots

    Iv won several thousand from there sites and never had an issue being paid, that was playing with and without bonus money but I agree there are ALOT of better sites out there! :D
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    32Red - $6.25 Max Bet

    Just to add a little bit of info to this thread for the OP, except for the welcome bonus there are NO max bets with bonus money which I personally think is bloody brilliant! I found this out when accidentally putting immortal romance on coin value 5p and spinning £15 a few times before I...
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    Pondering about NickSlots om YT

    To the OP, Nick took over £16k in donations last year so that will be helping him to be "up"
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    Is it allowed to be multiple players per account?

    Don't some streamers pool money together to play super monopoly money at high stakes on 1 account, don't know why Iv worded that as a question as Iv watched it many times :lolup: I think that is breaking the terms and conditions as the winnings would be split, not that your gonna win on that...
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    Wishmaster: is possible this?

    Yeah obviously you can change the bet and lose the feature but I think mango was saying he could change it AND keep the feature at least thats how i read it
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    Wishmaster: is possible this?

    Do you mean the t-rex feature? Whenever I get that feature a little padlock appears on the bet so it can't be changed
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    CasinoLuck - My Biggest Win

    WOW! :eek: Congrats :thumbsup:
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    MiamI Dice - avoid paying out - adding terms after the fact - hiding UK licence

    I played here when they first opened and went to the promotional terms and conditions link at the bottom of the page as found on most casino's I do specifically remember reading no deposits with skrill and upon checking... They are none other than Caddell Ltd who are known as Gday...
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    Winner Videos!

    1247x Medusa
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    Terminator 2 Online Slot

    Recent Hot (Frozen) Mode On HH When I seen the 24 ways of santa drop in 1 spin I knew I was laughing, I guess its the same with T2 you want Arnie all over the place with wilds from the get go That took 50-100 spins and was the first feature on the game that session, I think Iv had maybe 2...
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    Casino Complaint a situation with William hill

    Im a VIP at Will Hill and have never had a problem to date, If its your first withdrawal and also such an amount then I guess maybe there waiting to audit it for any potential abuse, thats presuming you used some sort of casino bonus. Just for future reference they do a card called priority...