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    I need help: PokerStars said I had created multiple accounts ?

    If you use dialup internet access or your ISP assigns your IP address dynamically, it's possible that a previous user of your IP address could've created an account. I love how you say "the" honest player like you're the only one. I'm sure there are at least two or three other honest players...
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    WorldSports Exchange will not Honor Promises

    It seems rather clear that they're simply waiting to get the merchandise in stock or something else like that. The sports wagers, though.... if they decide to actually do that, I'll start playing on wpex.
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    Ultimate Bet poker is not so Ultimate

    ...or PokerStars. They've been called a number of things before, but never shady.
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    Suspicious Matching Hands at Player's Vegas

    Is that calculation for a single deck or an infinite deck? Paigow is a single deck game. Still, this is pretty insane. @the OP: Have you had one of thse screwy hands where you could use the joker to put an ace high 2 card hand up and force a push? That might be a decent workaround as long...
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    Party Poker Admin Charges - Outrageous!

    Yes, but now that Party is huge and profits $300,000,000ish per year, they believe they can do whatever they want to their customers, and if crap like this continues, they'll keep doing it. It's like Scott Adams' slogan for people who work in marketing: "You're not screwing the customer. All...
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    Bet Royal Cashout Problems

    Try requesting the cashout via Western Union, in chunks of 800-1k. When I played poker there, I got my cashout via Western Union in less than one day. Beware, they have some rules for this that can make you wait a day or two (most notably the time of day that you call to request it), so check...
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    Mathematical Proof that English Harbour is cheating

    Under California law, draw poker and poker variants with community cards are considered games of skill, while stud poker is considered a game of chance, and thus is banned.
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    Winner Casino is not paying. Who played recently?

    Hijacking NOT over. If it's the guy who said "How about we go out back, you give me half the money you were going to bet, and I kick you in the nuts" or something similar, it's Wallace Shawn. IMDB has him credited as "Marty".
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    Casino extreme insist on documents I don't have

    Actually, if she did this, I'd bet good money that they'd NEVER pay her.
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    Double Down on Video Poker Playing Online?

    This is somewhat suspect... as most VP doubleups I've seen, both live and online (RTG mostly, but IIRC there was one Micro as well), stipulate the player loses on ties. Maybe I'm playing at the wrong places, but the variation exists and puts the player at a 1/13 disadvantage. Could this be...
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    best Poker software

    The only poker software I've managed to get running on my Linux shitbox is Pokerstars. Wine must not like poker players... anyone got any advice for getting Party's new client running on Linux?
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    Why would you want to stop receiving what could be burned for heat or used as emergency toilet paper? I don't read the damn thing either, but I don't care enough to actually request unsubscription.
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    I Suggest Tropical Poker for Roguedom

    The consensus on 2+2 is that this is a photoshop. Its original poster there was banned shortly after posting it. I'll be looking at it later in the day, trying to find real evidence to back up this coincidental evidence.
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    Least effective incentivizer ever: PartyPoker

    The best part of that place is when the withdrawal takes a day or two!
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    all criminals

    Owning Mahowny much? :)