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    North Korea?

    @Steviedoo She mentioned me. so i replied, and I mentioned her. lol I'd of said nothing if she didnt mention me. So yeah. You can go cry somewhere, at someone who actually gives a shit what you think.
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    North Korea?

    Stir things up lmao. Oh right, so only your once in a while physco outbursts are allowed and my once in a while opinion isn't? gotchya.
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    North Korea?

    I said people who report stuff everytime their feelings get hurt are pathetic. Just as Goatie said the same once too. I said, "Imagine being that pathetic". You obviously don't need to imagine. But, Imagine threatening someone with reporting their friend, on a pure assumption that they are...
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    North Korea?

    finally being boxed in kroffe? the road was wide, he ran to the left of the parked truck as the bloke stood there expecting him to continue jogging, instead he darted to the right side of the truck, run around it and attacked the guy. Totslly innocent, jogging and looking into peoples houses...
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    North Korea?

    it wasnt that post Kroffe of which i was refferring to, so don't assume i was reffering to you, lol :rolleyes:, I said that i was called a racist. I was. its about i billion pages back. But nice to know you think im racist too, along with anyone else in the statues thread you called racist for...
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    North Korea?

    Yeah, not just this thread iirc. I've been called racist in this thread too, by a member of the same clique (literally the perfect word Geordiecolin, lol). I don't go running to the report button everytime someone attempts to hurt my feelings because they don't agree with me though, imagine...
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    Who else misses the "Good Ole Days"?

    I know a couple who probably still believe. I tried to break it gently when they were 25 years old, but they were not having any of it at the time. That was some 15 years ago.
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    Spassino - should be avoided!

    Hopefully those German players you're for some random reason reaching out for will recognize a probable shill even if it is written in English.
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    Jonny jackpot: kudos

    Figured I'd hijack your thread Ben :) Jus wannid to put a word in for Jonny, by mentioning all my withdrawals have been processed around the 36 hour mark rather than the expected 48, and whoever was working the night shift last nght must have had some white powder mixed into his or her coffee...
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    Announcement Playford7 is coming back

    Oi oi savaloy! Hope all is well chief!
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    Some of these people are so intelligent that they decided to pull over statues while one of their fellow nutjobs stands underneath it..
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    North Korea?

    Some pathetic butt hurt coming from some people in some of the last few posts just because they got blocked lol.. cheers for ther laughs.
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    New Slot Announcement Donuts by Big Time Gaming

    Just started the FS with 2 of the 50 gold donuts dropping in and a total multiplier of 113x. Won 260x. Bit pissed off but then didn't expect a win tbh.
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    Mega Wins - Min 3000x Bet

    had it 4 times now. 50x .3100x. 25x. 1500x . In that order . I'd (pure guess really) estimate maybe 15,000 spins through it. After also hitting 2000x from the gunslinger spins only 1 day before hitting 3100x from the bounty spins, and due to a good steady run for the 2 days then putting me...
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    North Korea?

    @Harry I would say they are all corrupt assholes, including the FBI (who, it seems have acted illegally when gathering data) and even if trump and obama commited suicide tomorrow it wouldn't matter, because the next corrupt asshole put in place will take their place ;) Tbh Harry, I always...