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Don't know if there are still seats left at sale prices, but Via Rail had some awesome deals on the train depending on where in Alberta you are going. It's a different .kind of travel, and certainly not cheaper than flights, but I was looking a few weeks back at them. Not cheaper than flights for sure, but reasonable steeply discounted, with maybe a flight home.

I'd been looking for myself a bit ago, but my eyesight is so bad I don't think I'd enjoy the scenerary as much as I might otherwise.

Good that you have an auntie to go stay with. Price of accomodation sends us Canucks elsewhere when travelling.

If you are in and out of Edmonton by anychance, pm Chayton. She's a longtime online friend and a great gal I've always wanted to meet in real life.

Just not enough to fly to Edmonton and stay in a hotel instead of 17 days in Malta.

Calgary is an awesome city too, I've had the pleasure of staying about a week there over a decade ago. Only time I've eaten beef every single day in all my life. Prime Alberta beef.

We all deserve a hoiday, but I think maybe you cetainly do right about now.

Not much like a brush with death to make us want to seize the day and find joy and adventure.

I have many things, not just gambling, that I may have wished I spent the money otherwise, but no trip was ever one of them.

Even though you last saw her 30 years ago, she knew you when and the generation above us has wisdom and experience of the knowlege of how your parent grew up.

I need to make a real effort to see my last surviving aunt, and she's not as far as Alberta. I spoke with her by phone at Easter, but she's 93 now. My cousin that she lives with is 70 I think, but his long time girlfriend is a pretty lively 65, but still working and they do live rural, so driving and work and stuff, and no bed to put me up in.

Hope your aunt is young enough and active enough to run you ragged!

My aunt is the bomb! 73 years old, hunts, fishes, smokes weed hahahaha. I love her to pieces! But I wont be going until spring now. The cancer did a number on my teeth and I have to get them fixed. Cha ching! My worst nightmare , seriously my worse, is losing my teeth. Ever have dreams that your teeth have fallen out, and you wake up freaking? Well my whole back teeth have to get pulled I'm going to look like a druggie until they heal and I can get partials. On the plus side, I have gained 4lbs of my lost weight since I stopped treatments 5 weeks ago!