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  1. Remarkable day at Videoslots!

    Quote Originally Posted by illu88 View Post
    Nice Flyer187 2 days in a row Congratz...

    I am 2nd Winner
    if i looked coorect Winner of Hearts lol

    thx 4 the contest

    Quote Originally Posted by zellie View Post
    No Prob

    You almost had it - soooo close!!
  2. Inetbet careful

    Quote Originally Posted by Lounice35 View Post
    Inetbet has many bonus rules that do not match what is stated on the software when you redeem a bonus....I've spoken to them many times on chat about this...but still no they are accredited is beyond me....stay away.
  3. Guts just forgot to withdraw money. Twice!

    Quote Originally Posted by rosie@guts View Post

    Sorry if I have missed your PM, checking it out now

    Quote Originally Posted by nelsnik View Post
    Well it's nice if people send you pm's and u also reply to them, i send u a pm 4-9 days ago not sure how long ago but long, and still no reply!

    I'm really sorry but all I ever see is people saying that Guts don't reply to them - a big long thread appears and maybe just maybe eventually someone from Guts shows up all like "oh deary me here I am " and sorts things until the next ...
  4. 2017 Commentary on this year's ICE and LAC

    Well we've been back for a week now from this year's ICE + LAC conference in London and all in all I'd have to say it was a pretty good trip. No doubt you'll have read Bryan's London Trip 2017 so you'll know the bulk of the story in terms of what we did, saw and ate. I haven't got lot to add so this one will be reasonably brief.

    First things first: the ICE and LAC shows were bigger than ever this year and if you're into the glitsy stands and all that then you would have had more than ...
  5. A blast from the past: The 10 Commandments Of Online Gambling

    I recently found a good copy of the most popular article I've ever written since I started back in '98. I reckon this was probably first published in 2000-2001, give or take. I figured it might be a good one to preserve here for posterity but do keep in mind that this was written back in the early days:
    The 10 Commandments of Online Gambling
    by Max Drayman,

    #1: Thou Shalt Know The Local Law

    Sad to say, but in some places it's illegal to
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