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  1. The Dark Knight Rises and Seedy Motel Rooms

    Ohhhhh lalalalala. The Dark Knight Rises was released on Bluray yesterday and even though I was at the midnight showing I had to see it again as soon as I could! I love this movie for a few different of them being Tom Hardy as Bane :lick:.

    I just got back home last night from a week long motel stay and I am so glad to have been in my own room to enjoy all that is Bane! With that said, the movie itself is friggin awesome as well, and if you haven't seen it, I suggest ...
  2. The Roguiest Rogue that ever Rogued.

    Ok, so I was just thinking about how I started playing online. I grew up in Vegas so gambling is just like something I was born to do ;).

    I remember having the Masque disk with all of the Vegas games on it, like Rich Girl etc. I was playing it one day and I thought....hmmm There has to be a way to play it online too!

    That did it. I found a casino and was spinnin' my ass off. Unfortunately my first day of playing brought me my worst casino experience ever! I don't think ...

    Updated 10th November 2012 at 12:21 AM by Brooklyn

  3. Who wants to go grocery shopping!!!

    So exciting, right? Wrong.

    I have to go grocery shopping today which is usually not a huge deal for most. However, when you have five, yes five growing kids that eat everything in the pantry within minutes of getting home from school it's a huge chore that I don't look forward to.

    Today I will go for my monthly grocery shopping which will take about $950. That sounds like a lot but when you have five, it isn't. This is just the amount I will probably spend today and ...
  4. I'm going to be a Grandma.

    Scared you didn't I?

    Ok well it's not entirely a lie. Here's the sitch and I am very kinda pissed off at the moment about it.

    I have 2 "Female" guinea pigs. One is Bronx whom I had since she was 3 weeks old and the other is Cloud whom I just got recently last month. They are my babies, and I was so happy to get Bronx a friend finally. The last female I got was Harlem and she didn't like her at all so I had to give her back.

    At first she didn't ...
  5. An Arctic Kiss the Queen!

    Well we knew this was comin'. I usually blog about the new games at 3dice but since I was out of commission for a while I haven't had the time or a game to blog about really. However, now I do x2 and there is a whole new icy adventure for my fast little fingers to blog about.

    As most of you know I have had an ongoing affair with Mr. Slotro at 3dice for quite a while, sadly though he has slowly started to re-die on me. Funny coming from him since there is a new game to play and he ...
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