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Thread: Bierfest - 3 August 2017!!

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    How did I miss that? I was looking videos before it was posted I guess.
    Next time,
    time for me!
    "-What do we tell my sister?
    - The truth.
    - Sabine, your boyfriend and I need to sleep together!"
    Falling Water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casinomeister View Post
    Yep, that's it.

    From my clearly "cobbled together" banal video about software. That's the intro vid for the upcoming software section btw. Done at the same time as the Chillin' with the Meister (check the beer level of the glass and you'll see )

    Anyway - Dunover, send me a PM on what you would like - Bier or Amazon coupon.
    Thanks Bryan! I thought you'd made the video specifically as a Bierfest clue disguised as another purpose, I didn't realize it was a serious one! Sorry..

    OK, PM on its way...

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    Wink Bierfest

    I am so happy that I guessed it right

    now the beer is all mine

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