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Thread: Reputable Casinos Question

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    Quick question. There seems to be some amount of turnover (not a lot, but some) among the sites listed on your "Reputable Casinos" page. In addition to the criteria outlined on the page itself, are there other factors that determine whether a site is listed or not? For instance, there are a few sites that were recently listed, but that are not now listed (Gaming Club and Colosseum come to mind -- both of which I tried solely because they were present on the list). Is there any inference to be drawn from their having been dropped? (I note, for instance, that both are still advertisers.) Is there a limit on the length of the list, so that when a new site is added, one must be dropped? How do you decide which ones are to be dropped -- does it have anything to do with conduct? Thanks.

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    Hi Caps,

    Sorry for the delay, but this month has been insane, and I have been away from my desk for most of it so far (I'm here to stay until the end of Jan. though).

    The turnover that you see is when casinos are admitted to Casinomeister, they normally come on for certain time periods for their campaigns. Sometimes their campaigns lapse without a renewal as in the case of Gaming Club and Collesseum. This is mostly through forgetfullness on my part. So this is the only other factor that comes to mind.

    There is no limit to the list except there are only so many hours in a day, and my nimble little fingers can only type so fast. There are a number of other casinos that should be on this list, but I have not had the time to get them up there. This has never been designed to be a marketing site, it's been more informational so this has been the priority -- marketing is secondary. I spend about $25 a month on marketing expenses.

    So when casinos are dropped from the list, it's not because of conduct unbecoming of an online casino. When this happens (which is rare), it's made public knowledge. Black Widow was the most recent one. They went from reputable to rogue last January. A few have slipped off of the radar screen when it became apparant to me that Costa Rica does not provide gaming liceneses. I only provide ad space to casinos licensed in jurisdictions that provide gaming licenses. So there went Crown Vegas, Casino Treasure, Cherry Casino, and Casino Domain. This was unfortunate since I liked these casinos. But I have to stick to my own standards. I wish they would choose another jurisdiction to license themselves under.



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