4.1 Q: How long does it take for someone at Casinomeister to see and review the PAB once I’ve submitted it?

We usually see and read a new PAB in 1-3 working days, often much sooner.

Please note that we generally take the weekends off, so if you submit your PAB late Friday or over the weekend it will be the following work day (or so) before we get to it.

A few times throughout the year we work on summary reports of the PABs (see here). During these times PAB processing will be delayed by a few days or so. As ever, feel free to inquire if you haven’t heard from us in a while (1 week for initial PAB submission, 2 weeks if your PAB is already in progress).

Heads_up: occasionally we get a particularly heavy PAB work load and that will inevitably slow things down a little: it may take a few days longer for us to get to your issue. Please be patient, your issue hasn’t been forgotten or ignored. We’ll be in touch ASAP.

4.2 Q: How long before I get an answer once I’ve submitted the PAB form?

You’ll usually receive a confirmation that the PAB was received and/or submitted within the first few days. After that it depends on how well discussions with the casino (or whomever) progress. The short answer is that we’ll get in touch with you when we have something to report.

Please note that we have dozens of these cases on the go at any given time so it is important for us to use our time as wisely and as efficiently as possible. In other words we are usually very busy and can’t typically afford to send updates unless there is a specific reason to do so. That said, if you haven’t heard anything for a number of weeks and have no specific reason to believe it should be taking that long then do feel free to inquire.

Also, please note the following from the FAQ’a DO’s and DON’Ts section:

NOTE: using email addresses from Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail is a bad idea: these services routinely discard casino-related email as spam.
If you give us a Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail email address as the address where we can reach you then you may never hear from us because they are blocking and/or discarding our emails to you. Get a more reliable email address: GMail and GMX seem to work nicely.

Last but not least, please check the spam folder of your email account. If you haven’t specifically white-listed us then there’s a fair chance our emails to you are being re-routed there.

4.3 Q: How long does it take Casinomeister to process and submit the PAB to the casino?

Usually less than three (3) days, assuming the original submission was complete.
If the PAB form was incomplete we have to contact you for the missing information and that will delay the process, or derail it completely.

4.4 Q: How long does it take Casinomeister to get an answer from the casino once the PAB has been submitted?

This varies widely and depends entirely on the quality of the responses we get from the casino. Very roughly, it’s usually somewhere between one and four weeks before we get a solid answer back. In terms of keeping you updated on the PAB status please refer to item 4.2 above.

4.5 Q: How long to get the casino to pay up, or whatever it is that I’ve requested they do?

It varies enormously: some issues get resolved within 48 hours, a fair percentage within the first week, more within the first couple weeks and most by the end of the fourth week. Those that drag past the end of the fourth week usually have less than a 50/50 chance though some have turned out well after two or more months of grinding away. Exceptional cases can take months or even years to resolve but that’s pretty extreme and not at all typical. It does happen though so keep that in mind.

Please understand that PABs that drag on typically fall into one of two categories, either:

  • we have reason to believe that the casino is or will cooperate so we press on in the hope of finding a resolution. We typically won’t shut down a case that shows some promise of being resolved.
  • the casino is not or won’t cooperate and so the wheels of justice grind slowly but inevitably toward the Rogue Pit. That’s not a decision we take lightly so it can and will take some time.

The bottom line is that PABs take as long as they take: there is no guarantee that any given case will, or can be, resolved promptly.