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Cheating games - dodgy website

By Casinomeister, Last updated Dec 16, 2023

Casinomeister's Verdict

This casino claims to have a gaming license in Costa Rica (no such thing). Games look like fake dodgy Novomatic games. Avoid this casino at all costs.

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First Impression

In July 2017, some guy posted in our forum looking for affiliates for his “brand new” casino. Well, that was big mistake on his part since our forum is not a community of sheep and morons, but some of the sharpest players on the Internet.

Our membership began to analyze and review WhiteFoxbet as I slept, to include Dunover, Harry_BKK, Nicola, DreamRJ, and for Goatwack who provided comic relief – they did an awesome job. WhiteFox Bet – or WhiteFox Casino is pretty much a dodgy operation operating out of Costa Rica. They claim the following: “The Central American country of Costa Rica has been home to more than 300 online gambling companies…Gambling License exists or is required in Costa Rica, the business is operated by a specifically registered Costa Rican Company.”

Oh really? I guess they think we just jumped off some ship from China. Costa Rica does not offer gambling licenses; they offer “online business” licenses. So you might as well be selling shoes or comic books online with one of those “licenses”.

That was the first indicator that WhitFoxbet is a genuine rip-off joint.

The second clue to their rogueness is their fake Novomatic games. Nicola, a senior Meister Minion and Webmeister, states the following:

“Ran a diagnostic check on the game play and the IP of the RNG or game server is the same as the hosted web site. So basically the RTP
is controlled in-house. Reminds me of some of those Russian site of yesteryear…”

Novomatic can not be hosted by Costa Rican licensed casinos for that matter. So I can pretty much conclude they are fake as I await conformation by Novomatic.

And get a load of their logo:

WhiteFoxBet Casino logo
WhiteFoxBet Casino logo

Does that look familiar to you?


Not much imagination there.

The bottom line is that this casino only exists to fleece unknowing players – rip off players – and probably rip off any affiliates that are stupid enough to join this ethically challenged clip-shot joint.

Legal Update:

On 26 July I received this message via Facebook messenger:

Dear Bryan.

Our legal team will contact you regarding your allegations against whitefoxbet.

You have no right to lie and give false information.

Could you please provide us with your personal information.

Best regards.

Whitefoxbet Team.

I told them “LOL – please send the letter to me.” And that it was pretty easy to find my contact info. All you have to do is Google “contact casinomeister” – or visit the website. It’s that simple.

I also told them that who they should really worry about is Novomatic legal department (they have deeper pockets than mine) and who aggressively pursue all violations of their intellectual property.

My response was followed up by this:

Dear Bryan.

Our software is written in HTML5 and is our own owned software. We dont see the reason why you attack our produkt but we dont realy care.

All our games is written by our own technical team and is uniqe by our own programing code.

We work already for many years in europe with VLT and now for the last 6 months we started our online site.

We dont fear Novomatic our any other company. We have good relations with all of them.

If your goal is to sabotage be our guest. We know our product and our licenses we openly promote our site and are proud of the product.

If you work for casinomeister we would happily market our software company. We work with all aspects regarding the gaming industry.

From selling whitelabes,affiliate marketing terminals and much more.

If you want to make a new business opportunity contact us.

Otherwise move on and hate somewhere else.

Best regards.

WhitefoxBet Team.

Well, I did contact Novomatic and they confirmed that they have no relationship to this casino.

So as soon as I receive this letter from this clip shot joint’s legal team, I will post it here for a real laugh.


  • Nothing at all


  • No license

  • Fake games

  • Dodgy information on the site

  • Dodgy looking

  • Rogue


Withdrawal Speed

Casino Facts

Accredited at CasinomeisterYeah, right
Is this casino certified at CasinomeisterNo
Payout time48 hrs
Reverse time48 hrs
Weekend payoutsNo
Locks withdrawalsNo

The man with the plan here at Casinomeister. Bryan Bailey has been running Casinomeister since its launch in June of 1998. He has watched the industry grow from its primeval stage to what it is now. The Meister has attended nearly 100 conferences in the past 20 years and has either been a speaker or a panel moderator for at least 60 events. He has always been an advocate of fairness and reason and is known to like German beer, a good Scotch, and astrophotography.

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