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Software provider: Diamond Games

Established, licensed, and fully operational since January 2000, Net Games Inc. Corporation is one of the world’s largest and most respected gaming establishments with a solid reputation of integrity and professionalism. has safely and securely taken in millions of wagers made by over 30,000 customers. has rapidly become one of the most trusted and respected names in the online gaming industry.

I’m not so sure about the above information posted in their “About Us” page. One of the World’s largest? Then what are they doing in Belize?

These casinos are run by a man named Ido Raviv, an Israeli, who came to Central America (with his brother Shay – a musician who sells his CDs online) in order to run a soccer betting site. Fine and dandy, but I honestly feel that Ido’s casino websites stretch the truth a bit.

Take a look at the company who “Audits” their payouts. B.I.A.A. (Bauhaus Internet Audit Assurance). There is no website for, merely a generic “coming soon” page from their server. I did some simple searches at Google for “Bauhaus Internet Audit Assurance” — nothing. They state that they are “one of the leading global accounting firms, (which) provides a monthly review of payout percentage.” Funny how they don’t seem to appear anywhere on the Internet except at and

So who are these guys? I checked Whois and is registered by a guy who goes by the name of “Peter Singh”. So I did a Google search on “Peter Singh”. A number of sites came up, and number one on the results page was: The Rocking Sikh Peter Singh. Is this the same dude who is behind the B.I.A.A.? Probably not. Peter Singh is probably a faked name for the registrant. But it’s an amusing thought to think that a Sikh Elvis Impersonator is watching over the gameplay of and its brethren. After all, it’s only a game, right?

Supporting Evidence of a Crappy Operation

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