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"Unethical marketing - no valid license - rogue"


First Impression

This casino came onto our radar when a person acting as a player posted on our forum, stating that they had played at 1xslot.com and was waiting for a payout:

“Hello there! I signed up on 1xslot yesterday and won$150. They promise to pay tomorrow. Have you ever played there? Do they really pay?”

original post

Well, it turned out that this person had the email address of krauzen.a@1xslot.com – which was a pretty stupid thing to do. Busted for being a shill.

Not only do they lack ethics in marketing, they lack scruples in protecting the player. They are virtually unlicensed, and cannot provide basic information that should be listed on every upstanding casino website.

Here is my chat session with the casino:

Casino Support: Hello. How can I help you?

Me: Where are you licensed?

Casino Support: We do not provide such information.

Me: Then how can you operation be legal?
What is I have a problem?

Casino Support: You can find all information in the “About Us” page.

Me: There is nothing there.

I finally prodded them enough, and the chat support admitted that they were licensed in Cyprus. Incidentally, a Cyprus casino license is about as valid as one from Curacao.

I then asked them about if they accepted UK players or not:

Me: Do you take bets from the UK?

Casino Support: Of course! We accept everyone who is over 18.

So there you go. UK player beware – this casino will accept your bets, yet they are not in compliance with the UKGC.

I suspect that the games are not legit – so I would avoid them like the plague.

By the way, they seem to be connected to 1xBet Betting Company

Exinvest Limited, Chirosima, 2, Levanta Court, Block A, 1st Floor, Flat/Office 101, 3055, Limassol, Cyprus

1xBet is a young and quickly growing company. Over 400,000 online users bet with 1xbet.com.

Oh really? They freely admit that they are scamming that many players? What a laugh!

Games & Software

I would avoid playing any games at this casino since avoid stating where they are licensed. It’s a good chance that their games are fake.

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Who cares?
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Oh really?
Eff no.
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Nov 6, 2017
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Provides shilly entertainment

Stupid name


No valid license available

Takes UK bets - not compliant with UKGC


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Casinomeister's Verdict

Takes illegal bets - unethical casino practice

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Just another scammy clip shot joint ready to fleece the unwary. Stay alert – avoid these crap holes at all costs.


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