September 2016

This is the summary of September 2016’s “Player Arbitration” – complaints submitted to Casinomeister via here.

Player Arbitration September 2016

01 SepPlayGrandNetEnt, BetsoftUKGC, CuraçaoPlayer reported problems with £700+ WD: promised it would be paid in days but weeks had passed without payment.yThe player had not yet sent their complaint to the casino. We asked that they do so. That was the last we ever heard from them: complainant AWOL = case closed.closedPrivate complaint
01 SepPlatincasinoBlueprint, EdictIsle of ManPlayer simply stated that the casino was withholding their winnings.?Turned out the player was running multiple accounts and the casino had good evidence to prove it. Case closed and player banned from Casinomeister.closedPrivate complaint
1 SepSlotsInfernoRTGCosta RicaIn the player’s words: “”I have a withdrawal request of $7000.00 that I have not received as of yet and it has been over a year since I requested it.”nSorry, this casino is listed in the Rogue Pit, this disqualifies the complaint from our PAB service.In The PitPrivate complaint
1 Sep21 CasinoMicrogaming, NetEnt, NYXCuraçao, UKGCPlayer reported that their balance of roughly €2000 had been confiscated without explanation.YBecause of the casino’s UKGC license we recommended the player try their ADR (eCOGRA). Unfortunately we never heard from the player again.transferredPrivate complaint
2 SepSlotsGardenRTGCosta RicaPlayer complained that they were having troubles getting paid on a $5000 jackpot win.nThe PAB was incomplete and the player was unreachable to get things straightened out: player AWOL = case closed.closedPrivate complaint
2 SepSlotNutsRTGCuraçaoAnother tale of woe where a player had been fighting for over 10 months with this Curgam Malta casino to get a $800 WD paid as promised.yWhat can we say? Curgam Malta casinos are serious trouble for players and we’ve been saying so for ages: see the Warning. Sorry, can’t help you.In The PitPrivate complaint
7 SepgtbetsBetsoftCuraçaoPlayer reported problems getting an $1100 win paid out.nAnother case of “player go poof!”: PAB had errors + player unreachable and never on-site = case closed.closedPrivate complaint
7 SepPlanet7RTGCosta RicaPlaer reported problems with Wds totalling $240 but their PAB was incomplete.nPlayer was unreachable for PAB info. And yes, once again, it’s the sad story of a PAB that went to the dogs: player AWOL = case closed.closedPrivate complaint
9 SepFly CasinoPlaytechCuraçaoPlayer said they hadn’t received payment from the casino even though the casino had apparently sent it weeks previously.nThe casino chased the problem with the player’s bank. The player reported shortly thereafter that payment had been received in full.ResolvedPrivate complaint
9 SepPlanet7RTGCosta RicaPlayer reported having chased the casino for almost three months to get a $400+ payment.nThe casino people got back to me with details of the player’s full payment but the player was AWOL and could/would not confirm: player AWOL = case closed.ResolvedPrivate complaint
10 SepFreaky VegasYggdrasil, NetEntMaltaPlayer submitted a lengthy chat transcript (2000+ words) and said they wanted €1000 from the casino.yPAB FAQ says “please describe your problem in 50-100 words”. Player was unavailable to do so. Player AWOL = case closed. Again.closedPrivate complaint
10 SepRoyal VegasMGSMaltaPlayer had a large balance, $100k+, that they wanted to WD. Confusion over the WD limits cause several WD requests to be cancelled and returned to the player’s account. Player says this caused them to lose $20k in “misplaced” WDs.nIt turned out the player had been playing heavily during their WDs and had ended up playing away half of their balance. The casino proved this via play and WD records. Player was unavailable for comment.ResolvedPrivate complaint
12 SepSpinstationMicrogaming, NetEnt, NYXCuraçao, UKGCPlayer submitted a long, garbled PAB that had apparently gone through Google Translate’s rinse cycle a few too many times. It seemed the player wanted the casino to pay €4000 In winnings.yThe player started posting like crazy on the forums and ignored our requests not to given that there was a PAB in progress. Eventually she posted that the casino had settled with her so … case closed.ResolvedPublic Complaint
13 SepManhattan SlotsRTGCuraçaoPlayer complained of getting hit with multiple undisclosed processing fees.nPAB was incomplete and player was not around to provide the necessary details: player AWOL = case closedclosedPrivate complaint
14 SepClub WorldRTGCuraçaoPlayer said the casino had closed his account without reason.nThe player had been paid in full and the casino no longer wanted his business so … them’s the breaks.closedPrivate complaint
16 SepCity ClubPlaytechCuraçaoPlayer reported that the casino was asking for notarised ID but that, apparently, was not legal in the Czech Republic.nSorry this casino is in the Rogue Pit, can’t help you.In The PitPrivate complaint
16 SepRiskNet Ent, Microgaming, Play n GoMalta, Curaçao, UKGC pendingPlayer claimed that after almost completing his WR the games stopped loading properly on his computer.yThe PAB was incomplete and the player didn’t want to read the PAB FAQ. Eventually things worked out and he was paid in full.ResolvedPublic Complaint
17 SepAlways CoolBetsoft?Player reported that they’d been waiting months for a €3200 WD but the money finally disappeared from the account and the casino claimed they’d played it away on games the player said they’d never heard of.ySorry this casino is in the Rogue Pit, can’t help you.In The PitPrivate complaint
17 SepAll JackpotsMicrogamingMaltaPlayer claimed the casino was slow-paying on a €2700+ payment.nTwo days later the player had been paid in full.ResolvedPrivate complaint
21 SepSportingbetMicrogaming, Netent, EvolutionMalta, UKGCPlayer reported having gone through a complicated KYC process on a WD, was finally approved for WD and then suddenly locked out.nThis turned out to be the first of two cases regarding SportingBet where the the player had filed the complaint at IBAS and then … nothing happened. These cases are still dragging on and IBAS hasn’t responded in months.ongoingPrivate complaint
22 SepDrueckGlueckMicrogaming, Cryptologic, NetentUK , Malta, Denmark, Schleswig HolsteinPlayer wanted their account closed without having to self-excludenThe casino explained their position on locking rather than closing (deleting) player accounts and that seemed satisfactory to the player: case closed.ResolvedPrivate complaint
25 SepBossMicrogaming, Netent, OryxCuraçaoPlayer reported troubles getting a €120 payment because apparently the only option available was payment to Neteller (because of their country).nThe Terms did spell out the payment restrictions applicable. Player was paid in full within a couple days.ResolvedPrivate complaint
27 SepPlanet7RTGCosta RicaPlayer complained of problem receiving a $1750 WD.nIt took a while – player was in Bulgaria so payments were not being handled reliably – but we got there in the end: player paid in full = case closed.ResolvedPrivate complaint
28 SepAlmightyVikingsMicrogaming, NetEnt, OryxCuraçaoPlayer reported having tried for months to get a €300 WD paid.yAlmighty Vikings is toast, they won’t be paying anyone.closedPrivate complaint
28 SepVegas FiestaRivalCuraçao?Player reported having received only €250 of a €500 WD.n?This was the player’s second PAB against a non-Accredited casino: sorry, no-can-do (see the One Free Shot Rule)closedPrivate complaint
29 SepHigh NoonRTGCuraçaoPlayer took a NDB, won, wanted to cash out the max WD. Casino was only going to return the deposit.yCasino tried to do KYC but the player’s data didn’t match that provided when they registered. This breached the Terms and so the player’s winnings were withheld. Player had left the building.closedPublic Complaint
29 SepPlanet7RTGCosta RicaPlayer reported having problems getting the casino to pay $1100.nThe player confirmed having received a partial payment ($700) but was AWOL by the time the casino reported having paid the final $300: player AWOL = case closed.ResolvedPublic Complaint
30 SepOmniPlaytechCuraçaoPlayer reported that the casino didn’t want to pay €1000+ winnings because of play on restricted games.yTerms were clear, player violated them. The excuse they gave was that it “was only a few spins and I didn’t win anyway”. Sorry, doesn’t change the fact that the Terms were broken. The casino wasn’t willing to let it pass so case closed.closedPublic Complaint
Total Complaints = 26 | Bonus related = 38% | * Bonus Issue