October 2016

This is the summary of October 2016’s “Player Arbitration” – complaints submitted to Casinomeister via here.

Player Arbitration October 2016

01 Oct7bitCasinoNetEnt, BetsoftCuraçaoPlayer complained that their €9000 balance was being withheld over ambiguous “country of origin” Terms.?The player later said they’d prefer to post on the forums: PAB cancelled.closedPublic Complaint
03 OctMr RingoMicrogaming, EvolutionMaltaPlayer claimed a €500+ payment had been stalled for weeks.?PAB was incomplete, player did not respond when we asked for the necessary info: player AWOL = case closed.closedPrivate complaint
6 OctEuroLottoNetEnt, MicroGaming, Play N GoMalta,CuraçaoPlayer wanted the casino to return all their deposits, their argument was that the casino should have examined their play patterns and seen they had an addiction problem.yThe casino had already given the player some compensation which was taken (and played). They were not inclined to do so again and the player had never said a word about gambling problem issues before now. Case closed.closedPublic Complaint
6 OctPartyCasinoAmaya, bwinGibraltar, UKGCOP reported excessive delays every time they requested a WD, wanted a recent request for $300 expedited.nPAB was incomplete, player did not respond when we asked for the necessary info: player AWOL = case closed.closedPrivate complaint
11 OctBovadaBetsoft, RTG?Player reported that they’d been trying for several weeks to have their $2500 WD request paid, casino claimed “processor problems”.nThe casino reported that the player had recently been paid in full but the player never replied when we asked for confirmation: assumed resolved per the casino’s last report.resolvedPrivate complaint
12 OctSpinStationMicrogaming, NetEnt, NYXCuraçao, UKGCPlayer wanted £3000 returned to their account after it had been confiscated and the deposit returned. The casino had found the player to have re-registered after previously self-excluding.y?The player claimed that they’d divulged their previous self-exclusions but the chat record showed that they’d withheld information and purposefully altered their registration info to escape detection.FraudsterPrivate complaint
13 OctRed StarBetsoft, Microgaming, NetEnt, NYXCuraçaoPlayer claimed that a self-exclusion request had been ignored and they’d been allowed to re-register and lose $500.nThe casino agreed that they had not been diligent enough and refunded the player’s deposits.resolvedPrivate complaint
15 OctBlack DiamondRival, BetsoftAntigua and Barbuda? Curaçao?Player’s winnings of $18000 had been confiscated because of multiple accounts, player denied the accusation.yIt took a while but in the end we were able to gather good evidence that showed a history of account manipulations including chargebacks, etc: case closed.closedPrivate complaint
17 OctGoldenRivieraMGSMaltaPlayer was unhappy at being locked into the WR on a DB, argued that they hadn’t asked for the bonus so why should they be trapped into it.yPlayer and casino came to an agreement and the player confirmed they were satisfied with the outcome: case closed.resolvedPrivate complaint
17 OctSpin PriveMicrogaming, NetEnt, Next GenerationMalta, UKGCPlayer reported having received a cheque for $1100 but the bank later rejected it saying the sender’s account had been frozen.nThe casino freely admitted there had been an error and said they’d pay the player by bank transfer. The player was unavailable to confirm: assumed resolved.resolvedPrivate complaint
18 OctVegas PalmsMicrogamingMaltaPlayer was trying to get a WD processed, needed to upload documents but that kept failing.nCasin had processed the player’s docs and paid in full within 2 days. Player confirmed payment.resolvedPrivate complaint
19 Oct21.co.ukMicrogaming, NetEnt, NYXCuraçao, UKGCPlayer reported that £1100 in winnings had been cancelled and deposits returned. Casino claimed the player had self-excluded at a sister casino.yPlayer claimed they’d not been informed that 21 was a sister casino. When asked where they’d originally done the SE the player was unavailable: player AWOL = case closed.closedPrivate complaint
26 OctPlanet7RTGCosta RicaFrom a $120k+ in winnings player had requested $90k in WD. Casino had said $2500 per week but player said no payments had been received.y?The casino had been slow to start payments but they did do so and those payments have been issued steadily ever since.resolvedPublic Complaint
28 Oct32 RedMicrogamingGibraltar, AAMS, UKGCPlayer said they had experienced some strange behaviour with their games and they they were worried this had adversely affected their balance.nThe casino explained to the player how the game worked and how that resulted in the balance seen. The player was satisfied with this: case closed.resolvedPrivate complaint
28 OctGo wildMicrogamingMaltaPlayer had requested a $1900 WD but had been told that 14 previous deposits had been cancelled and that payment of the WD was subject to these old issues being resolved.nWe contacted the casino and they said they were working with the player to resolve things. The player then reported that a settlement had been reached.resolvedPrivate complaint
29 OctPlayamoMicrogaming, Net Entertainment, SoftSwissCuraçaoPlayer’s account and balance frozen, casino said they’d already had an account.nPlayer had previously submitted a PAB so the One Free Shot rule applied here: only the first PAB can be against a non-Accredited casino.ncdPrivate complaint
31 OctOceanbetsNetEnt, Novomatic, ThunderkickCuraçaoPlayer’s winnings had been cancelled because of “max bet” violations, deposits returned. Player asked “is this the norm?”.yPAB was incomplete so we asked for the missing info. Player said “if you can’t get my money then forget it”. We explained again that we were only looking for the missing info but never heard back: player AWOL = case closed.closedPrivate complaint
Total Complaints = 17 | Bonus related = 41% | * Bonus Issue