This is the summary of September 2015’s “Player Arbitration” – complaints submitted to Casinomeister via here.

Player Arbitration (PAB)
Total Complaints = 10 | Bonus Related 60% | * Bonus Related Issue
Date Casino Software The problem Outcome
01 Sep Stargames Novomatic, etc Player tried to withdraw winnings, they blocked his account. The casino didn’t reply, the player went AWOL … ugh! Case closed.
02 Sep *123Bingo Online Parlay Player claimed the casino was being negligent in paying $13,000. Turned out the player had played mostly Keno and Poker on a “Slots Only” bonus. Player booted from Casinomeister for BS-ing on his PAB.
05 Sep *Gibson Casino Rival Player said the casino was unfairly withholding a €380 withdrawal, casino’s reason was “max bet” violations but the player claimed there had been no bonus. The casino did not prove the bonus issue but the player repeatedly refused to complete the KYC process, eventually everyone’s patience ran out and the case was closed.
09 Sep *Crazy Luck Rival Player claimed the casino was refusing to pay winnings derived from a %600 bonus. This was the fourth consecutive PAB from the player concerning non-Accredited casinos. Dude, read the PAB FAQ with special attention to the One Free Shot rule.
11 Sep *Crazy Winners Betsoft, etc Player’s complaint was that the casino was not paying the €100 max payout on winnings from free spins. Player later posted that the issue had been resolved.
13 Sep *Moon Games 888, etc Player reported that the casino was refusing to pay £1600 because the player had self-excluded at another casino owned by the 888/Cassava group. This group is notorious for this type of activity yet refusing to disclose all the casinos in their group. There is a long-standing Warning so sorry, no can do.
18 Sep *Sky Vegas Amaya, etc Player’s issue was that the casino was refusing to pay £2500+ winnings for undisclosed reasons. The casino said they would not discuss the case with us under any circumstances. A Warning was posted to alert players to the casino’s non-cooperation.
23 Sep Cupcake Bingo 888, etc Player tried to withdraw £500, was told the balance was forfeit because the player had self-excluded at another of the group’s casinos. This is 888/Cassava again. See “Moon Games” above, same comments apply.
30 Sep BGO Playtech Player had played Super Monoploy and won £40. Casino removed the game (temporarily) and cancelled the winnings, claimed game error. We thought it best to advise the player to take their case to BGO’s designated ADR: case transferred.
30 Sep Casino Midas RTG Player received a £2000 partial payment of £7200 winnings but the casino locked the account and confiscated the remainder claiming the player had used “technical methods”. At first the casino said they’d respond to the player’s case within 24 hours but nothing came of it. Several reminders produced zero results. A Warning will be posted.
Total Complaints = 10 | Bonus related = 60% | * Bonus Issue