This is the summary of July 2015’s “Player Arbitration” – complaints submitted to Casinomeister via here

Player Arbitration (PAB)
Total Complaints = 18 | Bonus Related 67% | * Bonus Related Issue
Date Casino Software The problem Outcome
01 Jul Slots Inferno RTG Player claimed the casino was stalling on paying $4000. Within a week or two the player had wandered off and did not respond to emails: AWOL = case closed.
02 Jul Tivoli Microgaming, etc Player said they’d tried to lock their account to protect themselves from spending their winnings of €2500, wanted the meney returned because they’d been able to play it away shortly thereafter. Player admitted to having not read the procedure for locking their account, said they were on medication that made concentration difficult. Maybe so but how is that the casino’s fault? Case closed.
03 Jul Propawin Playtech, etc Player reported that the casino had blocked their account until they returned to their home country. Once there the player won and the account was blocked again. Casino never responded to the PAB.
06 Jul *CrazyWinners Betsoft, etc It seems the player won $1200 on some free spins, was asked to deposit in order to release the winnings for withdrawal, did so but never got paid. The PAB was incomplete and was eventually closed.
09 Jul *Casino Royal Club Rival Player reported that they’d received $2000 of their $3200+ winnings before the casino started making excuses and stopped paying. This casino is on the No Can Do list: sorry, can’t help you.
12 Jul *Royale24 TomHorn ? Player’s winnings were denied on the grounds that they had exceeded the casino’s “max deposit” rules. The casino’s “max deposit” rules were not included in the Terms, nor made reference to by the Terms. They were off in another section of the casino site entirely: a Warning was issued.
13 Jul CardPlayer Various Player claimed that CardPlayer wasn’t paying out on winnings from tournament play. The player’s case was not at all clear and when we asked for further details the player did not reply: AWOL = case closed.
14 Jul *UptownAces RTG Player reported problems withdrawing $16,000+ in winnings. Player later asked that the PAB be cancelled.
15 Jul Party Poker Amaya Player claimed his account had been closed without justification. We know from past experience that PP won’t discuss player issues, recommended to the player that they take it to eCOGRA, the casino’s designated ADR under their UK license.
15 Jul *Casino Club Gtech Player’s winnings of €25,000 had been cancelled, casino claimed “max bet” Terms violations. Player said they’d been “unaware” of Terms prohibiting large, high-risk bets during bonus play. Maybe so but that’s not the casino’s problem: case dismissed.
17 Jul *Spartan Slots TopGame Player said the casino had cancelled €800+ winnings for “max bet” Terms violations. Player described how they’d exceed the “max bet” Terms then claimed it was unreasonable that such bets should be considered violations: case closed.
18 Jul *Amor Bingo Various Player had won £100+ on a free spins offer but the casino denied the winnings. Terms said “Only winnings after a deposit can be withdrawn”. A Warning was issued but we couldn’t help the player because those Terms, however questionable, were in place when they signed on.
19 Jul *Ruby Slots RTG Player’s winnings of $15,000+ were denied because they had multiple bonuses at the time of play. The Terms say “The Player may not consecutively redeem multiple no-deposit bonuses.” Player says “I was unaware”. No worries, now you know.
20 Jul *Real Deal Bet Microgaming, NetEnt, etc Player received a NDB and won $2000. Casino did the KYC thing with the player, all seemed good and they agreed to pay. No payment was received. The casino did not respond to the PAB.
25 Jul *32Red Microgaming Player wanted the balance of their account paid and the account closed. Turns out the player had deposited using someone else’s card and 12 years later — yes, 12 — they were not in contact with the cardholder to have them complete the KYC process. Tough nuggies! Case closed.
27 Jul *Real Vegas Online RTG Player reported non-payment of a $2000 withdrawal. Unfortunately this casino is part of a group that is notorious for non-payment issues. See our long-standing Warning against them. PAB = NCD.
28 Jul Casino Titan RTG Player’s account had been locked with a balance of $1250 and an unpaid $2000 withdrawal. This casino is in the Rogue Pit: sorry, can’t help with this one.
28 Jul Sin City Microgaming, NetEnt, etc Player claimed they were being stalled on payment of a £750+ withdrawal. The casino paid in full.
Total Complaints = 18 | Bonus related = 67% | * Bonus Issue