Fan Mail of 2020

FAn Mail for Casinomeister!

“your just a pussy ass bitch”

You know, I can be a really busy guy. And running this site with all it’s colorful characters coming in and out of the forum can be quite a task. Forum moderation is not for everybody – that’s for sure.

So fan mail – this year did not disappoint! I had some really awesome comments from my fans – much appreciated – and I hope you are all doing well.

This is in response when asking members to help those whose businesses were shutting down because of the Covid-19 restrictions:

Fuck you cause all of you run the casino is conected to gether to scam people doucbag fuck you ypu all gonna die mutherfucker

Here is another member’s RSVP to our annual Meister Meeting invitation:

Fuck this stupid meeting…who wastes their time at this dumb fucken meeting.

This stupid idiot casinomeister thinks he is something special but in actual fact he is just a dropout that is a retard.

Oh – here is another happy camper who was given a warning in the forum for inappropriate behavior:

Brian fuc you and cm ,when I catch up with you you will know it ,a few jabs to your big head ,see you at ice or next conversation you shit bag ,22 years of scamming ase hole

Feeling the love here 🙂 – happy trails to all these folks.

So tell me how you really feel, and maybe next year you’il see your comments included in Fan Mail 2021. I am waiting to hear from you. 🙂

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