Best Player Experience 2020

Best Player Experience 2020

Dead or Alive II

Netent’s Dead or Alive II is one of the best slot games hands down, and some of the winnings that it generates are just stunning. I remember a few years ago when I was hanging out at the Parasol Up bar at the Wynn with my webmaster buddy Ian Sims, talking to the developers of the original game – Dead or Alive – I was pretty much unconvinced about how a game that was so clunky, that had such annoying soundbites, and to me was just a yawn-fest could match some of the games being produced by their competitors like Immortal Romance – or Thunderstruck II for that matter. They had a good laugh telling me that it was one of their best products, that players played the original DoA slots with wanton dedication. I was surprised to say the least – and then I started paying attention to our forum and started to realize that yes, loads of our members were really enjoying this slot mainly due to its high-volatility and massive winnings from relatively small stakes. That was DoA – the original game.

Then came Dead or Alive II – wow!

Gone were the jerky animations and clunky soundbites, now we had a slot game. I was a little skeptical on its popularity compared to the original, but I was pleasingly surprised. And so were our members – in fact this slot was considered the Best Slot of 2019 by our members. And here are some amazing screenshots from our members in 2020:

Here we have an impressive jackpot win of £3,418 from a bet of £ 0.18 – yes that’s 18 pence.

Dead or alive II massive win
Dead or Alive II massive win by Snorky510238

Irish Ranger has the bragging rights to this amazing hit: £3,581 made from a £ 0.09 spin. Boggles the mind.

DOA II Jackpot win
DOA II Jackpot win by irish-ranger

Member bianchini was I’m sure blown away by this win: €34,485 from a .90 spin. Jeepers!

DOA2 jackpot
An amazing DOA 2 jackpot win by bianchini82

And here he is again with another mind boggling jackpot: €27868 off of a .45 cent spin.

another DOA II Jackpot win by bianchini82
Another DOA II Jackpot win by bianchini82

Hats off to Aerzi – €42,669 jackpot from a .45 cent spin – wowzers!!

DOA2 massive win
DOA2 massive jackpot win by Aerzi

And saving best for last – seriously the screenshot of the year 2020 – Samikk hit €136,911 off of a €1.80 spin. That is one hell of a win and one hell of a screenshot.

Massive win on Dead or Alive 2
Mind blowing win on DOA2 by samikk

So in my opinion – and I am sure in the opinion of a majority of our members, DOA 2 is the best player experience of the year 2020. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, you can chick it out at any of our casinos that host Netent games.

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