bag of dicks award 2020

“For the Dickish move of the year…”

This award is given to those who go beyond the call of duty at being dickish, and since we’re talking about a group of people, it’s a bag of dicks.

This year our Bag of Dicks is once again handed over to the ethically and morally challenged marketing entities – online casino affiliates who knowingly and actively engage in targeting problem gamblers.

In the UK, there is a program that allows players to exclude themselves from gambling – it prohibits them from signing up at UK based casinos – it’s called Gamstop. As a player, you can go to the Gamstop website, register, and whammy – you are now blocked from all UKGC casinos for whatever time period you want to choose.

Gamstop is a tool for punters who had identified their own behavior as destructive which could result in financial or physical harm against themselves or their loved ones. This is serious stuff.

So here we have a website with the following text that – if you know anything about the online casino industry – will make you want to vomit:

Are you looking for a list of UK casinos not on GamStop? You’re at the right spot! Nobody likes to wait for the end of the GamStop self-exclusion services and we completely understand it. Our team has done in-depth research to find and test online casino sites not blocked by GamStop available in the United Kingdom. It wasn’t easy to find the best and safest sites for gambling.

Reputable non GamStop casinos such as Fortune Clock Casino, Prestige Spin Casino, Very Well Casino are the best online casinos not using GameStop for British customers. These gambling operators are not registered with GamStop exclusion and users to play casino games without this scheme.

Always remember, companies that found ways around GamStop cannot identify if you’re a problem gambler or not. They’re operating without the UKGC licence and GamStop database connection so aren’t aware of addiction problems. Free to ask customer support to self-exclude yourself.

The sites they list are not “safe” nor are they properly licensed. Many have pirated games from Novomatic and Netent, and are “licensed” by Curaçao eGaming which is complicit with allowing their operators to use this pirated software. How do we know? Because we have been talking about this for literally years.

But with this website, these affiliates are stupid enough to identify themselves as UK residents with their names and photos. Hey UKCG, where ya at?

And it gets worse, there are scores of these websites; many of which are highlighted here in this thread: Affiliates who target problem gamblers They are even using social media like linkedin to promote their scams. How freaking pathetic. What a bag of dicks. I hope the UKGC gets off their butts and send a stern message to these folks – but I wouldn’t count on that – see Sitting on their Hands Award for 2020.

Bag of Dicks Historical Awards

I know, I know, it’s potty language, but I honestly tried to think of a better term, but the words were fleeting – and this was the best I could come up with. So I apologize for my crass description – but you have to admit – you did think it was sort of funny, right? Unless of course you are one of the dicks that I am describing here. If you fall into that category, sorry – just try not to be such a total dick. Change your ways and make amends and maybe we will have a dick redemption.

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