Member Achievement Award of 2019


Linda, aka Jasminebed, earns this award for her amazingly unfailing participation in our forum. She’s been a member since 13 March 2008 and has posted over 6400 times these past eleven and a half years. Jasminbed is one of the few members who have achieved the level of Paleo-meister (only 17 members to include myself). She’s savvy, smart, witty and is a gem of a member. When a newbie is looking for advice, you can count on Jasminebed chiming in and giving some well thought out guidance – which is one of the reasons our community is second to none. Members like Jasminebed make this possible.

Her dedication to making this a home away from home for many has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Linda for making Casinomeister’s forum a delightful and insightful place to be.

In Case you didn’t read yet here you could find an interview with her: Jasminebed Interview

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