Evil Player Award of 2019

Evil Player Award: Delgotti aka Brandon Walsh, Hyzenburg, MissVero1 …

Early in 2018 a player came to us with a perfectly reasonable complaint: being a player from the US he was one of many that were being free-rolled by Bob Casino (see our Warning, Bob Casino VS US Players, for details). So far so good.

As it happened we weren’t actually able to help him much because the casino didn’t respond to his complaint, hence the Warning, but that wasn’t good enough for this guy. He started telling us who we should be trying to track down in Curacao — the casino’s licensing jurisdiction — and how we should be conducting our complaints processing. When we didn’t do as he asked he claimed that he was an FBI agent and threatened to get us into trouble for aiding and abetting casino crime.

When we confronted him with the obvious issues related to his threats he responded with “give me a break, I’m only 14.” Again we confronted him and that prompted him to send an email pretending to be his mother threatening us with legal action for corrupting minors and letting her “lovely boy” be tempted into gambling.

Needless to say we showed him to the door. Except that wasn’t what he had in mind. Over the next 18 months he signed back on to the forums several times, sometimes to exploit our PAB service with one of his many faked identities, sometimes to openly defend his previous actions (on and off the forums), and sometimes to bring us “sock puppet” moments where he’d speak out in “anonymous” support and with sympathetic understanding for one or more of his alter-ego’s plight. Every time we busted him he’d go away and then, weeks or months later, there he was again like a bad penny that won’t stay gone.

His latest return was earlier this month, a full two years since he first crossed our virtual doorstep, shameless and deceitful as ever.


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