Biggest Disappointment of 2019

The Biggest Disappointment I

The biggest disappointment I fear this year is the UKGC being seemingly convinced that gambling is bad, and that their primary function is to save those that might be harmed.

When they first began to regulate the UK online gaming industry, they ‘ve been working from an inexperienced point of reference. They really didn’t know what they were doing it seemed, but in a few years they were ok.

But in 2019, they seemed hell-bent on just shutting down the industry with draconian regulations (RE: source of wealth requirements), and handing out fines to their licensees in a whack-a-mole fashion. A number of casinos are bailing from the UK market because of these actions.

The UKGC doesn’t assist these licensees with advice. It’s our way or the highway it seems according to them, but their way is unclear sometimes and the casinos just don’t know what to do.

Now there is talk of a £2 pound limit for game play. This will kill the UK market, and not many casinos will abide by this and just bail for the UK.

But what is truly disappointing is that this regulator doesn’t have the faintest idea how gamblers think, how they behave, their needs and expectations. Enforcing draconian regulations on casinos that directly affect players will drive these players away from the regulated market, and into the deep abyss of unregulated rogue casinos. That is what will happen if this £2 pound limit for each bet goes into play. funny how the land based casinos in the UK don’t subscribe to the same nannyism. How disappointing.

The Biggest Disappointment II

Big Time Gaming. I hope this isn’t a case of resting on one’s laurels, but players aren’t happy:

Voices from the trenches:

Big Time Gaming – they have become stale. They seem to be churning out new releases at a much more rapid rate than in previous years, which makes me think they are more preoccupied with releasing 10 mediocre slots per year instead of 3 great ones. Even the streamers are beginning to become collectively disillusioned with their mediocre efforts.- mcgameboy

This one is easy – BTG, simply because all of their slots are horrible unplayable money gobbling monsters except for Danger High Voltage which is their only slot I can really appreciate.

In the beginning the Megaways© engine seemed a nice new addition but nowadays it is so over exploited, it is just a blatant joke. … I wonder sometimes do they even still have people working in their game development… – Lotusch

It has to be BTG. They have flogged megaways to death that it no longer appears new and innovative, it has become ‘same old same old’ for me.- greylady

The BTG smoke and mirror show continues – brianmon

Quantity over quality with megaways slots… 90% of them are just absolute bullshit – curremon

So, c’mon BTG. You can do better than that. I hope there is something in 2020 that will turn this trend around.

Biggest Disappointment Historical Awards

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