Bag of Dicks Award 2019

bag of dicks

“For the Dickish move of the year…”

This award is given to those who go beyond the call of duty at being dickish, and since we’re talking about a group of people, it’s a bag of dicks.

This year our Bag of Dicks is handed over to the ethically challenged affiliate webmasters who knowingly and actively engage in targeting problem gamblers.

In the UK, there is a program that allows players to exclude themselves from gambling – it prohibits them from signing up at UK based casinos – it’s called Gamstop. As a player, you can go to the Gamstop website, register, and whammy – you are now blocked from all UKGC casinos for whatever time period you want to choose.

So, a self-excluded player who resides in the UK cannot play at any of these UKGC licensed casinos. Sounds great, right? Well it is, except that loads of these players may suffer from serious gambling addiction. So what they might do is search the Internet for “casinos that are not blocked by Gamstop” – and lo and behold, there are a multitude of websites that list the casinos – ones that are not blocked by Gamstop. And guess what? Affiliate webmasters are creating these pages.

These are the dicks – the affiliate webmasters that target gambling addicted players. The casinos listed on these predatory pages (like at,,,,, and list nothing but roguish unregulated clip shot joints. Bronze casino for one – this casino accepts bets from players who admit having gambling problems. We have the screenshots to prove it.

So these webmasters are targeting this phrase, knowing that scores of people who were trying to get around Gamstop would visit their site, and that they – the affiliate webmasters – would earn a profit from the losses of these problem gamblers. Knowingly and purposely targeting these folks – what utter loathsomeness.

Even Shithole picked up this story in its own original colorful way: Shithole-affiliates.

So – what a bag of dicks. I hope the UKGC gets off their asses and have these people locked up. But I wouldn’t count on that – see Sitting on their Hands Award for 2019.

What a bunch of dicks.


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